Southeastern Region TOPSS Speakers Bureau

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina

These faculty and other professionals have volunteered to work collaboratively with local teachers via the TOPSS Speaker Bureau. APA does not necessarily endorse or validate these speakers or the content of their talks. The speakers do not necessarily represent the views of APA.

Name Phone Location Specialty Willing to Skype into a high school classroom?*
Stephen Chew (205) 726-2562

Samford University
Birmingham, Ala.

Cognitive basis of effective teaching and learning; memory; applied cognition Yes

Elizabeth H. Campbell
(407) 353-9276 or
(407) 282-4644

Orlando Health, Fla.

Birth to three years of age developmental evaluations at Arnold Palmer Hospital; geriatric health psychology at local skilled nursing facilities. No
Sandy Graham

(813) 481-9127

Tampa, Fla. Sport and performance psychology,pPerformance improvement and mental skills training, with a focus on golf Yes
Stephanie Mihalas

Graduate Student
Tampa Bay, Fla.

Relational aggression, psychopathology in adolescent populations, and neurodevelopmental challenges in early childhood. Emotional and behavioral disorders in early childhood
Donald Myers (386) 304-7207

Forensic psychologist
Port Orange. Fla.

Forensic psychology
Gwen Quinn (813) 745-1359

Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, Fla.

Health communication and oncology, quality of life assessment Yes
Harold Shinitzky (727) 560-2697

Johns Hopkins University; Psychologist
Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, Fla.

Subspecialties; sports psychology, child and families, prevention (dropout/substance abuse) Prefers in person
James Collins (478) 934-3063

Middle Georgia College
Cochran, Ga.

Scientific psychology, general/intro psych,development, brain and behavior, psychopharmacology, student success/advising
Chuck Kraemer (706) 880-8284

LaGrange College
LaGrange, Ga.

Memory, research methods
Janie Wilson (912) 681-5580

Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, Ga.

Physiology, stats, methods, ego depletion Maybe
Nathalie Cote (704) 461-6754

Belmont Abbey College
Belmont, N.C.

Cognitive psych, expert reading, research ethics, adjusting to college, AP psychology, choosing a college and a major, career advising, applying the scientific method to human behavior, and statistics. Yes, but prefers in person
Kristi S. Multhaup (704) 894-2008

Davidson College
Davidson, N.C.

Cognitive aging with specialties in memory, use it or lose it hypothesis, and cognitive control. No
Todd Zakrajsek (919) 636-8170

UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Learning, memory, teaching techniques Yes
*Please contact for Skype only if speaker has indicated yes.