Western Region TOPSS Speakers Bureau

Alaska, California, Hawai‘i, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington

These faculty and other professionals have volunteered to work collaboratively with local teachers via the TOPSS Speaker Bureau. APA does not necessarily endorse or validate these speakers or the content of their talks. The speakers do not necessarily represent the views of APA.

Name Phone Location Specialty Willing to Skype into a high school classroom?*
T.L. Brink (909) 389-3343

Crafton Hills College
Redlands, Calif.

Education and careers in psychology, clinical and industrial psychology, consumer behavior; "headlessprofessor" on youtube.  
Darren Cole (661) 277-8958

Human Factors Engineer
Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

Human Factors Engineer; flight testing the human interface of aircraft (cockpit systems, weapons loading, etc.).
Todd Dilbeck (916) 712-2232

Sheldon High School
Folsom, Calif.

Coaching/Leadership, managing performance anxiety, and issues related to injury recovery Yes
Steven Flores (650) 293-1148

University of the Rockies
Currently is a Range Attendent at a golf course
Redwood City, Calif.

Sport Psychology with specializations in performance enhancement/mental imagery  
Susan Gamble (626) 319-3258

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Murrieta, Calif.

Private practice psychologist, learning disabilities, ADHD, chronic mental illness, psychological testing. University instructor on human services, psychology and counseling. Yes
Pamela Gist (310) 954-4160

Mount Saint Mary's College
Los Angeles

Social psychology, specialty in stereotypes and prejudice, conducting research on the structure of stereotypes.  
Haygoush Kalinian (949) 367-4526

Forensic neuropsychologist
Mission Viejo, Calif.

Neuropsychological evaluation, psychological evaluation, and forensic evaluation.  
David Lechuga (949) 837-3358

The Neurobehavioral Clinic
Orange County, Calif.

Rehabilitation and neuropsychology; concussions, especially when these occur as part of sports or recreation; cross-cultural issues Yes
Jacqui Lewis (714) 962-2073

University of California, Irvine
Newport Beach, Calif.

Performance psychology - working with gifted and high performing individuals - kids/adults and athletes. Bullying and violence Yes
Michael Perrotti (714) 658-5727
(714) 528-0100

Yorba Linda, Calif.

Clinical psychology with a specialty in neuropsychology; forensic psychology Yes
Gloria Petruzzelli (916) 278-5414

California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento, Calif.

Clinical psychology, sport psychology, and health psychology Yes
Cheryl Rickabaugh (909) 748-8671

University of Redlands
Redlands, Calif.

Steve Smith (805) 765-1480

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, Calif.

Sport psychology, neuropsychology, and clinical psychology Yes
Rob Weisskirch (831) 582-5079

California State University, Monterey Bay
Seaside, Calif.

Developmental; clinical and abnormal Yes
Rebecca Arvans (269) 762-2076 Kaplan University
Reno, Nev.
Children and adults with disabilities, depression, anxiety.
Joel Alexander (503) 838-8355

Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Ore.

Memory and cognition improvement in children, psychopharmacology for children Yes
Alishia Huntoon (541) 885-1673

Oregon Institute of Technology
Klamath Falls, Ore.

Social, gender, psychological careers, psychology of eating, human sexuality, experimental  
Sue O'Donnell (503) 554-2756

George Fox University
Newberg, Ore.

Development, adolescent in particular, normative, social cognition, research Yes
Kay Porter  

Private Practice
Eugene, Ore.

Sport psychology consultant and counselor in private practice Yes
David Andresen (253) 459-0039 University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, Wash.
Neuroscience, brain anatomy, cognition, neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience, visual processing. No
Heidi Shaw (509) 574-4812

Yakima Valley Community College
Yakima, Wash.

Chimpanzees and sign language research, using paranormal to explain scientific thinking, psychological aspects of the Salem witch trials Yes, please provide instructions
*Please contact for Skype only if speaker has indicated yes.