The TOPSS Speakers Bureau provides an opportunity for high school and community college teachers to find and contact local psychologists who are available to visit psychology classrooms to speak with students. 

Speakers can discuss their careers and various experiences in psychology, including respective areas of research or expertise. The Speakers Bureau helps enable young students to learn more about psychology, and participating psychologists have the satisfaction of sharing their experiences with eager students. Speakers have indicated if they are willing to Skype into classrooms.

Please contact Emily Leary Chesnes with any questions.

How to Get Involved

Psychologists can sign up to become a volunteer. This is a volunteer program. Any visit to a school for classroom presentation should be done without seeking compensation.

Find A Speaker in Your State

High school teachers can contact individual speakers directly. If a speaker you contact does visit your school, please let us know so that we can better track speaker usage.

These faculty and other professionals volunteer to work collaboratively with local teachers. APA does not necessarily endorse or validate these speakers or the content of their talks. The speakers do not necessarily represent the views of APA.

Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Stephen Chew (205) 726-2562 Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama
Cognitive basis of effective teaching and learning; memory; applied cognition. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
David Gershaw (623) 556-8487 Arizona Western College (retired)
Sun City West, Ariz.
Nonverbal communication, verbal communication, the art of listening, dealing with conflict and problems, stress and dieting. No
Laura G. Lunsford (904) 373-8387 or
(520) 626-3758
University of Arizona
Tucson, Ariz.
Mentoring, leadership, social and interpersonal psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
T.L. Brink (909) 389-3343 Crafton Hills College
Redlands, Calif.
Education and careers in psychology, clinical and industrial psychology, consumer behavior; "headlessprofessor" on YouTube. No
Darren Cole (661) 277-8958 Human factors engineer
Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
Human factors engineer; flight testing the human interface of aircraft (cockpit systems, weapons loading, etc.). Yes
Todd Dilbeck (916) 712-2232 Sheldon High School
Folsom, Calif.
Coaching/leadership, managing performance anxiety, issues related to injury recovery. Yes
Steven Flores (650) 293-1148 University of the Rockies
Redwood City, Calif.
Sport psychology with specializations in performance enhancement/mental imagery. No
Susan Gamble (626) 319-3258 Licensed clinical psychologist
Murrieta, Calif.
Private practice psychologist, learning disabilities, ADHD, chronic mental illness, psychological testing. University instructor on human services, psychology and counseling. Yes
Pamela Gist (310) 954-4160 Mount Saint Mary's College
Los Angeles
Social psychology, specialty in stereotypes and prejudice, conducting research on the structure of stereotypes. No
Haygoush Kalinian (949) 367-4526 Forensic neuropsychologist
Mission Viejo, Calif.
Neuropsychological evaluation, psychological evaluation and forensic evaluation. No
David Lechuga (949) 837-3358 Neurobehavioral Clinic
Orange County, Calif.
Rehabilitation and neuropsychology; concussions, especially when these occur as part of sports or recreation; cross-cultural issues. Yes
Jacqui Lewis (714) 962-2073 University of California, Irvine
Newport Beach, Calif.
Performance psychology; working with gifted and high performing individuals; kids/adults and athletes. Bullying and violence. Yes
Michael Perrotti (714) 658-5727
(714) 528-0100
Yorba Linda, Calif.
Clinical psychology with a specialty in neuropsychology; forensic psychology. Yes
Gloria Petruzzelli (916) 278-5414 California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento, Calif.
Clinical psychology, sport psychology and health psychology. Yes
Cheryl Rickabaugh (909) 748-8671 University of Redlands
Redlands, Calif.
Gender/social. No
Steve Smith (805) 765-1480 University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, Calif.
Sport psychology, neuropsychology and clinical psychology. Yes
Rob Weisskirch (831) 582-5079 California State University, Monterey Bay
Seaside, Calif.
Developmental; clinical and abnormal. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Aaron S. Richmond (303) 556-3085 Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colo. Developmental and educational psychology. Research methods and introductory psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
William Horn (203) 327-5021 Licensed psychologist
Greenwich, Conn.
Licensed psychologist, school psychologist, speciality in marriage and family therapy, sport psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Elizabeth H. Campbell (407) 353-9276
(407) 282-4644
Orlando Health, Fla. Birth to three years of age developmental evaluations at Arnold Palmer Hospital; geriatric health psychology at local skilled nursing facilities. No
Sandy Graham (813) 481-9127 Tampa, Fla. Sport and performance psychology, performance improvement and mental skills training, with a focus on golf. Yes
Stephanie Mihalas n/a Graduate Student
Tampa Bay, Fla.
Relational aggression, psychopathology in adolescent populations, and neurodevelopmental challenges in early childhood. Emotional and behavioral disorders in early childhood. No
Donald Myers (386) 304-7207 Forensic psychologist
Port Orange. Fla.
Forensic psychology. No
Gwen Quinn (813) 745-1359 Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, Fla.
Health communication and oncology, quality of life assessment. Yes
Harold Shinitzky (727) 560-2697 Johns Hopkins University; psychologist
Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, Fla.
Subspecialties; sports psychology, child and families, prevention (dropout/substance abuse). No
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
James Collins (478) 934-3063 Middle Georgia College
Cochran, Ga.
Scientific psychology, general/intro psych, development, brain and behavior, psychopharmacology, student success/advising. No
Chuck Kraemer (706) 880-8284 LaGrange College
LaGrange, Ga.
Memory, research methods. No
Janie Wilson (912) 681-5580 Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, Ga.
Physiology, stats, methods, ego depletion. Maybe
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Leanne Parker (208) 792-2854 Lewis-Clark St. College
Lewiston, Idaho
Issues related to clinical psychology, with special interest and experience in trauma and PTSD, family and couples therapy, feminist theory and therapy, mindfulness meditation. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Tami J. Eggleston (618) 537-6926 McKendree University
Lebanon, Ill.
General psychology, sport psychology, social psychology and human sexuality. Yes
Nicole Gabana n/a Indiana University
Bloomington, Ill.
Sport psychology/counseling psychology, athletic counseling. Yes
Christine Grela (815) 479-7725 McHenry County College
Crystal Lake, Ill.
Romantic relationships with a focus on attachment theory and evolutionary psychology. Yes
John Mayer (312) 917-1240 University of Nuevo Leon (Mexico)
President of the International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA), vice president of the Center for Ethical Youth Coaching (CEYC), clinical psychology of teens/sports psychology. Yes
Joan Warmbold Boggs n/a Oakton Community College
Des Plaines, Ill.
Positive parenting, practical applications of operant conditioning and infant mental health; how our thinking process creates our moods and/or how to modify our thought patterns to enhance our mental health; the impact of stressful events on our body and mind and strategies that will significantly reduce the impact of stress; how to become a positive contributor to the mental health and happiness of those around you. Maybe
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Karen Chambers (574) 284-4528 Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, Ind.
Eyewitness memory, cognitive. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Helen Harton (319) 273-2235 University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Social psychologist; prejudice, attraction and social influence/attitude change. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Tracy Ochester (913) 735-5566 Licensed psychologist
Leawood, Kan.
Licensed psychologist; assessment of learning differences such as learning disabilities and ADHD. Yes
Derek D. Reed (785) 864-0504 University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kan.
Behavior analysis, behaviorism and learning. Can speak to various career opportunities in the fields of school psychology, behavior analysis and autism services. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Diane Finley (301) 322-0869 Prince George's Community College
Largo, Md.
Online learning and sport psychology. Yes
Teresa Sawyer (410) 386-8216 Carroll Community College
Westminster, Md.
General, psychology; psychology of companion animals (dogs and horses), positive psychology. No
George Spilich (410) 778-7734 Washington College
Chestertown, Md.
Cognition, brain, concussions, neurological disorders. No
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Jonathan Aronoff (413) 298-4544 College of Executive Coaching
Stockbridge, Mass.
Positive psychology. Self-employed and consult, coach or conduct therapy for primarily males and couples, many of whom are athletes (both females and males). Identifying and leveraging a person's character strengths/talents to enhance their "well-being" in one or more of the primary five areas including career, social, physical, financial and community. Certified fitness trainer and coach. Yes
John Gorvin (781) 246-4555 Private practice clinical psychologist
Wakefield, Mass.
Clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology, sports psychology. No
Chris Hakala (413) 782-1344 Western New England University
Springfield, Mass.
Cognitive/learning with specialization in language and verbal behavior; reading comprehension, language acquisition, memory, language, bilingualism, teaching/learning. No
Deborah Sepinwall (401) 595-7575 Licensed clinical psychologist
Braintree, Mass.
Anxiety disorders, impulse control problems, weight loss, cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. No
Judy L. Van Raalte (413) 748-3388 Springfield College
Springfield, Mass.
Sport psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
David Baskind (989) 686-9374 Delta College
Saginaw, Mich.
Developmental psychologist. Yes
Jay Brand (616) 393-1323 Cognitive psychologist
Holland, Mich.
Environmental psychology as applied to corporate office environments primarily; basic human factors & ergonomics research, organizational design & behavior, designing communication strategies for selling/proposing research projects, demonstrating the value of investment in human-centered design of the work environment. Cognitive/organizational psychologist and organizational development. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Patricia Costello (651) 253-9979 Walden University
Saint Peter, Minn.
Neuroscience, cognitive psychology. No
Sarah Sifers (507) 389-5755 Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, Minn.
Clinical child psychology; experience in various clinical settings ranging from private practice to schools to a psychiatric hospital. Yes
Mike Tikkanen (952) 542-9318 Court appointed child advocate
Mental health, topic of abused and neglected children and American institutions. No
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Andrew Johnson (816) 584-6722 Park University
Parkville, Mo.
Cognitive psychology, research methods, critical thinking. Yes
David Jones (573) 592-5288 Westminster College
Fulton, Mo.
Social psychology. Yes
David Kreiner (660) 543-8076
(660) 543-4185
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, Mo.
Study methods, memory, language, careers in psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Tim Herzog (406) 587-3404 LCPC (with a doctorate and long-time APA membership), not a psychologist; National University/private practice (Reaching Ahead PLLC)
Bozeman, Mont.
Sport psychology. Yes
Frank Marchak (406) 522-9045 Veridical Research and Design Corporation
Bozeman, Mont.
Human factors and experimental psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Bill Wozniak (308) 865-8235 University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, Neb.
Cognitive psychology, sensation and perception (illusions, distractions, and noise), evidence for the paranormal: why people believe. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Rebecca Arvans (269) 762-2076 Kaplan University
Reno, Nev.
Children and adults with disabilities, depression, anxiety. Yes
New Jersey
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Mitch Abrams (732) 738-0900 Licensed psychologist
Fords, N.J.
Sport psychology, forensic psychology, anger management, dating violence prevention, prison issues. Yes
Jay P. Granat (201) 647-9191
(201) 242-3663
Private practice
River Edge, N.J.
Major media outlets, written and lectured extensively on sports psychology and am the founder of Yes
Christine Hatchard (732) 571-4446 Monmouth University
West Long Branch, N.J.
Clinical psychology (study and treatment of mental disorders), forensic evaluations and mother-daughter sexual abuse. Yes
Anie Kalayjian (201) 723-9578 Cliffside Park, N.J. Trauma, genocide, human rights, spirituality, reconciliation, emotional healing, forgiveness, SAD, ancestral and spiritual healing. Yes
Gary Lewandowski (732) 263-5476 Monmouth University
Monmouth, N.J.
Intimate relationships (attraction, relationship maintenance, cheating, break-up). No
Elizabeth Shobe (609) 626-6032 Richard Stockton College
Pomona, N.J.
Cognition/cognitive neuropsychology; behaviorism, evolution and behavior, science of psychology, statistical methods, neuroscience, handedness, right and left hemispheres, and creativity. Yes
David Strohmetz (732) 263-5212 Monmouth University
West Long Branch, N.J.
Social psychology/methods/social psych of tipping in restaurants. Yes
New York
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Ellen Banks (716) 839-8256 Daemen College
Amherst, N.Y.
Developmental psychology (infancy through aging), young adult cognitive development, IQ & other testing. No
Elaine Bow (845) 358-1710
ext. 2922
Nyack College
Nyack, N.Y.
Industrial and organizational psychology. Yes
Dale Doty (585) 292-3310 Monroe Community College
Rochester, N.Y.
Academics and clinical practice: forensic psychology, health psychology, human sexuality, abnormal. Yes
Beverly Moore n/a SUNY Sullivan
Loch Sheldrake, N.Y.
Therapy with incarcerated sex offenders, both adult and juvenile. Currently developing a practice focused on GLBT relationships and identity issues. Yes
Lorie Nicholas (877) 494-4774 John Jay College of Criminal Justice
New York, N.Y.
Have provided talks to high school students about field of psychology and financial education. Teach college students criminal justice courses. No
Gina Riley (845) 300-5534 Mercy College
Westchester County, N.Y.
Alternative/holistic education, qualitative research methods, health psychology, parent/child attachment, distance learning; homeschooling/unschooling, intrinsic motivation/self determination, cognitive evaluation theory, learning disabilities, neuropsychology. Yes
Harold Takooshian (212) 636-6393 Fordham University
International psychology, careers, industrial psychology. Yes
Jason Young (212) 772-5566 Hunter College
New York, N.Y.
Persuasion, influence of mood on judgment, math anxiety, how we spend our money. Yes
North Carolina
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Nathalie Cote (704) 461-6754 Belmont Abbey College
Belmont, N.C.
Cognitive psych, expert reading, research ethics, adjusting to college, AP psychology, choosing a college and a major, career advising, applying the scientific method to human behavior, and statistics. Yes
Kristi S. Multhaup (704) 894-2008 Davidson College
Davidson, N.C.
Cognitive aging with specialties in memory, use it or lose it hypothesis, and cognitive control. No
Todd Zakrajsek (919) 636-8170 UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Learning, memory, teaching techniques. Yes
North Dakota
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Erin Haugen (701) 780-6821 University of North Dakota
Grand Falls, N.D.
Licensed psychologist at Assessment & Therapy Associates of Grand Forks; clinical psychology with adults and adolescents with a particular focus on relationships and empowerment of girls and women; sport psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Chelsi Day (419) 544-2692 Private Practice
Columbus, Ohio.
Sport psychology, performance enhancement, transition, coping with injury. Yes
Vincent Granito (440) 366-4707 Lorain County Community College
Elyria, Ohio
General psychology, careers in psychology, personality, social psychology and sport psychology. Yes
Daniel Fasko (419) 372-9184 Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio
Educational psychologist: teaching and learning, critical and creative thinking, moral development and education. No
Elizabeth Swenson (216) 397-4434 John Carroll University
University Hgts., Ohio
Ethics, psychology and law. Maybe
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Joel Alexander (503) 838-8355 Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Ore.
Memory and cognition improvement in children, psychopharmacology for children. Yes
Alishia Huntoon (541) 885-1673 Oregon Institute of Technology
Klamath Falls, Ore.
Social, gender, psychological careers, psychology of eating, human sexuality, experimental. No
Sue O'Donnell (503) 554-2756 George Fox University
Newberg, Ore.
Development, adolescent in particular, normative, social cognition, research. Yes
Kay Porter n/a Private Practice
Eugene, Ore.
Sport psychology consultant and counselor in private practice. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Brooke Cannon (570) 348-6211 Marywood University
Scranton, Pa.
Neuropsychology, clinical psychology (training, profession, etc.); psychology in film, abnormal psychology, professional ethics. Yes
Francine Fettman (412) 367-1369 Professional trainer and presenter
Allison Park, Pa.
Anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress, abuse cases, etc. Yes
Kristel M. Gallagher (570) 945-8370 Keystone College,
La Plume, Pa.
Health psychology: health behavior change, motivation, eating behavior, exercise. Social psychology: persuasion, communication, media. Research methods: research design; statistics. Yes
Joe Horton (724) 458-2004 Grove City College
Grove City, Pa.
Developmental — child, marriage. Yes
Jamie G. McMinn (724) 946-7120 Westminster College,
New Wilmington, Pa.
Social psychology with focus on groups and teams; diversity in organizations. Yes
Donald Myers (570) 253-4591 Forensic psychologist
Honesdale, Pa.
Forensic psychology. No
Michael Sachs (215) 204-8718 Temple University
Scranton, Pa.
Exercise and sport psychology. No
Sandra Webster (724) 946-7359 Westminster College
New Wilmington, Pa.
Research design/stat, cross-culture, emotion. No
Rhode Island
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Joan H. Rollins (401) 353-2838 Rhode Island College
Lincoln, R.I.
Psychology of women, health psychology, social psychology (interpersonal attraction, aggression, helping behavior, the self, group dynamics, leadership). No
Ronald Shapiro (401) 272 4664 IBM enterprise program manager
Providence, R.I.
Human factors, ergonomics, applied experimental, careers in psychology, using psychology games and activities of yesteryear to prepare for our future. No
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Nicky Ozbek (423) 425-4262 University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Brain injury, olfaction, consciousness. Yes
Crystal Wright Colter (865) 981-8269 Maryville College
Maryville, Tenn.
Social psychologist; professional research interests include social behavior, stereotyping and prejudice, persuasion, group processes and relations, and impression management; true passion in teaching and learning with individuals and groups. No
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Robert Bartsch (281) 283-3327 University of Houston-Clear
Lake Houston, Texas
Social psychology (stereotypes, helping, social influence, aggression), media and psychology, research methods and statistics. No
Yolanda Bruce Brooks (972) 233-2360 Clinical/consulting psychologist
Mental health — stress management, relationships, clinical issues (depression); adolescent development; behavioral neuroscience (brain behavior, concussions) concussion. Education; transitioning and parenting issues all within the context and culture of sport. Yes
Jaclyn Grad (713) 834-4185 Olin E. Teague Veterans' Medical Center
Temple, Texas
Primary care psychology, PTSD, anxiety disorders and forensic psychology. Yes
Jennifer Darakjy (915) 490-6047 Seeking full-time employment; being supervised in private practice
El Paso, Texas
Cognitive-behavioral therapy. Yes
Troy Moles (412) 266-1820 University of North Texas; PhD in Counseling Psychology graduate student.
Denton, Texas
Sport psychology. I am the graduate assistant for the Counseling Psychology program and UNT Center for Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Noel Bauman (434) 987-2918 University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.
Sport psychology. Yes
Dennis Goff (434) 947-8547 Randolph College
Lynchburg, Va.
Developmental psychology, evolutionary psych, stats. No
Doug Griffith (703) 203-8562
(571) 557-9807
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
Arlington, Va.
Applied experimental and engineering psychology; applied cognitive psychologist. Yes
Natalie K. Lawrence (540) 908-7753
(540) 568-2554
James Madison University,
Harrisonburg, Va.
I'm a social psychologist working as an academic. I can talk about the research I do to decrease texting while driving. Yes
Beth Schwartz (434) 947-8548 Randolph College
Lynchburg, Va.
Children's eyewitness memory. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
David Andresen (253) 459-0039 University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, Wash.
Neuroscience, brain anatomy, cognition, neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience, visual processing. No
Heidi Shaw (509) 574-4812 Yakima Valley Community College
Yakima, Wash.
Chimpanzees and sign language research, using paranormal to explain scientific thinking, psychological aspects of the Salem witch trials. Yes
West Virginia
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Edward F. Etzel (304) 293-7062 West Virginia University
Morgantown, W.Va.
Sport psychology. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Brad Caskey (715) 425-3306 University of Wisconsin-River Falls
River Falls, Wis.
Life span human development, exceptional children, gender & sexual orientation issues. Yes
Regan A.R. Gurung (920) 465-5679 University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Green Bay, Wis.
Health, social. Yes
Daniel McCollum (715) 389-6537 University of Wisconsin-Marshfield/Wood City
Marshfield, Wis.
Memory/social psychology. Yes
Stacey Sadowski (920) 683-3220 Riverhill Psychological Associates
Manitowoc, Wis.
Clinical psychologist, specializes in working with children and adolescents. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Dennis Brophy (307) 754-6133 Northwest College
Powell, Wyo.
Social, organizational, cognitive and educational psychology; research/published on the nature of creativity thinking and creative persons and groups. Yes
Name Phone Location Specialty Skype
Dawn Lorraine McBride (403) 317-2877 University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Eating disorders; self-injury; trauma (family violence and abuse) and crisis and suicide issues; creative and body-focused counselling interventions; EMDR; transactional analysis; group therapy; classroom management issues; ethical issues. Yes