PT@CC Student Presentation Contest Winners

Each spring, the APA Committee of Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) announces the PT@CC Student Presentation Contest (formerly known as the APA Electronic Project Contest) to recognize innovative and high quality electronic presentations by community college psychology students.

The PT@CC Committee extends thanks and appreciation to the APA Education Directorate. In addition, special thanks go out to all of the students who participated in the 2013 competition. Join us in congratulating this year's winners and their PT@CC sponsors:


First Place "The Heroic Imagination Project"
Presentation by Sophie M. Tanaka and Jason P. Corcoran
PT@CC Sponsor: Jerry Rudmann, Irvine Valley College
Second Place "Body Dysmorphic Disorder: An Overview" (PDF, 427KB) 
Presentation by Tarah L. Traynor
PT@CC Sponsor: Deborah S. Podwika, Kankakee Community College
Third Place "Normative and Informational Influence When Decision-Making in Groups" (PDF, 494KB) 
Presentation by Holly Bergen, Michael Dowd and Lidia Monjaras
PT@CC Sponsor: Joline Bourdages, San Diego Mesa College


First Place "Effects of Age on False Memory Recall and Recognition" (PDF, 542KB)
Presentation by Ms. Amy Palinski
PT@CC Sponsor: Eulalio G. Gonzalez, PhD, Lorain County Community College
Second Place "Mind Over Mother: Schizophrenia vs. Motherhood"
Video presentation by Mr. Michael Lee
PT@CC Sponsor: Elaine Perea, PhD, Daytona State College
Third Place "An Observational Study in Gender Obedience" (PDF, 360KB)
Presentation by Ms. Jacqueline Behr and Ms. Annalyn Belarmino
PT@CC Sponsor: Joline Bourdages, MA, San Diego Mesa College


First Place "Rewiring out brain and body connection: Uses of biofeedback in the classroom" (PDF, 2MB)
Presentation by Dot Majchszak of Lorain County Community College (Ohio)
PT@CC Sponsor: Vincent Granito, PhD
Second Place "Stop playing around? The cognitive, social and emotional stakes" (PDF, 1.6MB)
A team presentation by Grace Pentecoste and Kelsey Williams of Suffolk County Community College (N.Y.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Claire Rubman, PhD
Third Place "Bullying: It hurts everyone" (PDF, 1MB)
Presentation by Kim-Marie Kirk of Suffolk County Community College (N.Y.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Claire Rubman, PhD



Before 2011, the contest was called the APA Electronic Project Contest.


First Place "Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation: A Global Affair" (PDF, 2MB)
Presentation by Kaitlyn Scalercio of Suffolk County Community College (N.Y.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Claire N. Rubman, PhD
Second Place "Chasing My Father's Shadow: A Freudian Perspective on the Effects of Paternal Absence on the Psychological Development and Identity of Children"
Presentation by Joseph Eulo of Union County College (N.J.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Albert Bramante, MA
Third Place "Effects of Appearance on Compliance" (470, KB)
Presentation by Justin Balliet of Lehigh Carbon Community College (Pa.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Robin Musselman, EdD


First Place "Gordos Box" (PDF, 2.54MB)
Presentation by Jessica Palmer of Mesa Community College (Az.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Ann Ewing, PhD
Second Place "Gender and the Recall of Relational and Overt Aggression" (PDF, 363KB)
Presentation by April Suppe of Lehigh Carbon Community College (Pa.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Robin Musselman, EdD
Third Place "Attention of the Lucky" (PDF, 668KB)
Presentation by Aaron Griffin of Charles Stewart Mott Community College (Mich.)
PT@CC Sponsor: Gail Knapp, PhD