PT@CC Teaching Resources Award Winners

The APA Committee of Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges (PT@CC) is pleased to announce the winners of the PT@CC Teaching Resources Awards.

Developed as a means to recognize and encourage sharing of high quality instructional techniques, the contest guidelines invited community college instructors to submit an original demonstration, an individual or group class activity, an interactive teaching/learning module, or other pedagogy designed to illustrate a psychological concept or theory.

PT@CC extends thanks and appreciation to the APA Education Directorate for support of the Teaching Resources Awards. In addition, special thanks go out to all of the psychology faculty members who participated in the competition. Join us in congratulating this year’s winners!


First Place In-depth Investigation of a Case Study: CSI Bend (PDF, 170KB) | Crime Investigation Packet (PDF, 700KB) | Student Paper (PDF, 195KB)
Andria Woodell, Central Oregon Community College (Ore.)
Second Place Prejudice, Stereotype and Discrimination (PDF, 184KB) | PowerPoint outline (PPT, 531KB)
Colleen Spoonire, Carroll Community College (Md.)
Third Place Sticks and Stones: Euphemisms and Psychological Disorders (PDF, 116KB) | PowerPoint exercise (PPT, 148KB)
Richard Alexander, Muskegon Community College (Mich.)
Honorable Mention Instructional Technique for Teaching about Prejudice (PDF, 87KB)
Bob Baugher, Highline Community College (Wash.)
Honorable Mention Online Tools to Increase Student Engagement (PDF, 958KB) 
Jack Chuang, Highline Community College (Wash.)


First Place Beyond Social Networking: Using Facebook to Promote Student Engagement, Study Skills, and Critical Thinking (PDF, 184KB)
Amy J. Marin, Phoenix College (Ariz.)
Second Place Psychological Research (Class) (PDF, 143KB) (Instructor) (PDF, 1.22MB)
Kathleen Braier, Milwaukee Area Technical College (Wis.)
Third Place Ethics in Clinical Psychology: Six “what-if” scenarios for the undergraduate Abnormal Psychology course (Class) (PDF, 117KB) (Teacher) (PDF, 94KB)
Richard Alexander, Muskegon Community College (Mich.)
Honorable Mention Plagiarism/Library Module (PDF, 186KB)
Diane L. Finley, Prince George’s Community College (Md.)


Before 2011, the award was called the APA Teaching Tips Contest for Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges.


First Place Dialing for dullards
Richard Alexander, Muskegon Community College (Mich.)
Second Place Using toys to teach application of developmental concepts
Cinnamon Martin, Wilkes Community College (N.C.)
Third Place History of Psychology teaching tips
Lawrence Venuk, Naugatuck Valley Community College (Conn.)
Honorable Mention Using the global assessment of functioning scale to demonstrate the importance of inter-rater reliability
Andrea M. Macari, Suffolk County Community College (N.Y.)


First Place "Sparking interest in neuroscience: The Schiavo case"
Aimee Byk, Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis
Second Place "Implicit associations active learning module"
Lawrence Venuk, Naugatuck Community College, Waterbury (Conn.)