Center for Psychology in Schools and Education

The Center for Psychology in Schools and Education (CPSE) promotes high quality application of psychology to programs and policies for schools and education. The office serves as a liaison both within APA and with national educational and scientific societies, federal agencies and the general public concerning children and adolescent mental health.


  • Develop and strengthen linkages between psychology/psychologists and education/educators to serve all students’ emotional and academic needs;

  • Generate public awareness, advocacy, clinical applications and cutting-edge research to enhance educational and developmental opportunities for students at all levels of schooling, with a special focus on:  

A. Pre-K to 12 teacher preparation programs, teaching skills and professional development  

B. Assisting educators and other school personnel in grounding both teaching and learning in current psychological science

C. Gifted children and adolescents.

  • Work collaboratively with other national education organizations to disseminate knowledge/best practices regarding school reform and improving student achievement; and

  • Advocate for and build a presence of psychology in the national education agenda, particularly in the preparation of teachers.

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