Presidential Task Force on Mathematics and Science

Presidential Task Force on Mathematics and Science

In 2007, APA and the Society for Research in Child Development formed the Presidential Task Force on Mathematics and Science to examine the role of psychology in mathematics and science education. Appointed by the 2007 APA President Sharon Stephens Brehm, PhD, the task force recognized that the field of psychology had a vital role to play in improving math and science education for all children in the United States.

This panel of scientific experts reviewed decades of research in the areas of child development, cognitive science, education research and assessment, and drafted a report summarizing their findings. Highlights of these findings explain how advances in understanding basic math and science cognition (or thinking), as well as research advances in social and motivational issues and assessment, offer new opportunities to help bridge the gap between basic research and classroom practice.

Four areas where psychology has provided important contributions to PK-12 mathematics and science education:

  1. Early conceptual understanding of mathematics.

  2. Conceptual understanding of science.

  3. Social and motivational involvement in mathematics and science.

  4. Assessment of learning in mathematics and science.