Violence Directed Against K-12 Teachers Task Force

Classroom Violence Directed Against Teachers Task Force

Task force members were selected based on their expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Preventing classroom violence.

  • Coping with the occurrence and threat of violent incidents in schools.

  • Translating psychological science into accessible ideas and materials for teachers.

The first task force meeting occurred on September 25-26, 2008. The task force reviewed the extant literature on the prevalence of violence, intimidation, and bullying directed toward elementary and secondary teachers in the United States. A dearth of literature has been conducted on predictors of violence against teachers. Drawing upon research that has documented associations between school engagement and time on task and aggression behaviors in the classrooms, the task force is operating under the assumption that classroom practices and school-wide policies that foster academic achievement will minimize the incidence of violence against teachers.

The task force is producing a white paper addressing the current state of the literature on the topic. In addition, a survey of nearly 5,000 teachers was conducted and survey results will be posted during the fall of 2010.


The task force was appointed by the BEA Executive Committee and is comprised of the following seven members:

  • Eric Anderman, PhD
    Ohio State 

  • Veda Brown, PhD
    Prairie View A&M University 

  • Dorothy Espelage, PhD (Chair)
    University of Illinois 

  • Kathleen Lane, PhD

  • Susan McMahon, PhD
    DePaul University 

  • Linda Reddy, PhD
    Rutgers University 

  • Cecil Reynolds, PhD
    Texas A&M

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