CGEP in Print


  • The Development of Giftedness and Talent Across the Life Span

    — Edited by Frances Degen Horowitz, Rena F. Subotnik and Dona J. Matthews

    In this volume, renowned developmental psychologists and experts in gifted education come together to explore giftedness from early childhood through the elder years. Focusing on the practical implications of emerging theoretical perspectives and empirical findings, contributors examine prediction and measurement, diversity issues and psychosocial factors as they relate to developing talent in different domains.

  • Rethinking Giftedness and Gifted Education: A Proposal Direction Forward Based on Psychological Science in Psychological Science in the Public Interest” (PDF, 648KB)

    — Written by Rena Subotnik, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius and Frank Worrell

    In surveying the landscape of current knowledge about giftedness and gifted education, this article advances a set of interrelated arguments: the abilities of individuals do matter, particularly their abilities in specific talent domains; developmental trajectories exist for talent domains with variations as to when they start, peak and end; and opportunities provided by society are crucial at every point in the talent development process. Just as society must strive to promote these opportunities, this article argues that individuals with talent have some responsibility for their own growth and development.