The New Sponsor Approval Criteria Revision

What does this mean to me and my organization?

In February 2009, the APA Council of Representatives approved the revised Standards and Criteria for Approval of Sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists. The new Standards are effective as of March 1, 2009, and the application form has also been revised to reflect the revision. The procedures of the Sponsor Approval System have not been changed. For further information, please contact Antoinette Minniti, PhD, at (202) 336-6079.

The Committee and Sponsor Approval System office is committed to making the transition to the new Standards as painless as possible. Therefore, we are providing for you a brief overview and substantive supporting documents. Some of the more notable changes to the new Standards are:

  • Elimination of the Co-sponsorship Criteria
    Although there is no longer a criteria regarding co-sponsorship, CEC strongly encourages joint collaboration between organizations in order to facilitate psychologists’ access to high quality continuing education programs. For more details see the Criteria Revision Memo.

  • Elimination of the Homestudy Criteria
    There is no longer a separate section regarding homestudy programs. All programs offered by APA-approved sponsors are subject to the same criteria, regardless of delivery method. For more details see the Criteria Revision Memo.

  • Revision of Curriculum Content Criteria
    The criteria regarding program content of continuing education programs was revised in order to provide organizations with clearer guidance regarding the types of offerings that are appropriate as CE for psychologists. For more details see the Criteria Revision Memo.