Continuing Education Committee (CEC): 2013 Annual Report

CEC Members

  • Chair: Sharon. Y. Tettegah, PhD
  • Vice chair: A. Jordan Wright, PhD
  • Rosemary Adam-Terem, PhD
  • Mia Weinberger Biran, PhD
  • Jan L. Culbertson, PhD
  • David Leticia Y. Flores, PhD
  • T. Goode-Cross, PhD
  • Denise E. Maricle, PhD
  • Thomas J. McMahon, PhD
  • Jason Ong, PhD
  • Jennifer Sulouff Ripley, PhD
  • Elizabeth E. Sparks, PhD
  • Bruce A. Thyer, PhD
  • Jacqueline R. Wall, PhD, HSPP, CRC
  • Catherine Grus, PhD
    Staff liaison

The CEC reviews all APA approved sponsors and organizations seeking APA sponsor approval; the Association's sponsor approval standards; and identifies, promotes, implements and evaluates research, development and innovations in continuing education. The CEC also works with the APA Office of Continuing Education to make program recommendations. This report provides information on some of BEA's major activities for 2013.

Application Reviews

During 2013, the Continuing Education Committee reviewed a total of 282 applications from organizations seeking approval as sponsors of continuing education for psychologists. Of these, 99 were new applicants. As of December 2013, approximately 803 organizations were APA-approved sponsors of continuing education for psychologists. The CEC also reviewed 10 applications from approved sponsors seeking to expand their offerings to include online and other asynchronous programs.

Review of Sponsor Approval Standards

The CEC devoted a full day at both its April and September 2013 meetings for discussion of policy related to continuing education. The focus was review of the:

  • Approval of Sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists Application,
  • Standards and Criteria for Approval of Sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists, and
  • Development of resources to promote best practices and quality in continuing education and professional development.

Quality Professional Development and Continuing Education Resolution

The CEC, working with their Advisory Group, drafted a Quality Professional Development and Continuing Education Resolution. The APA Council of Representatives approved the Resolution as APA policy in August 2013. The resolution will be used to inform the development of technical assistance materials to be disseminated to approved sponsors and those interested in becoming approved.

It can be found online.

At the 2013 APA annual convention members of the CEC, members of the Advisory Group, and staff from the Office of Continuing Education in Psychology offered a workshop on the topic of the use of embedded assessment in continuing education programs to evaluate learning.

Continuing Education in Psychology Activities at the 2013 APA Convention

The CEC, working with the Office of Continuing Education in Psychology, offered 88 workshops at the 2013 APA Convention, and a total of 260 convention sessions offered credit. The number of workshop slots filled was 922 and a total of 1295 individuals paid to earn CE credit for the sessions they attended.