Introducing the APA-approved sponsors of continuing education icon.

Following a request from our approved CE sponsors, APA and the Office of CE Sponsor Approval (CESA) are delighted to share with you and encourage you to use the icon for APA-approved CE sponsors. 

It can be used to distinguish your organization’s status as an approved sponsor, and allows the public to easily recognize your commitment to high quality continuing education for psychologists.

Using the Icon

Rules for Use:
  • The icon cannot be used by itself; it must be used alongside (adjacent to) the required approval statement:

    “(Full approved organization name) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. (Full approved organization name) maintains responsibility for this program and its content.”

  • It can only be used in approved sponsors' promotional materials and websites.
  • Only current APA approved CE sponsors are permitted to use the icon.
  • When co-sponsoring an activity, it is only permissible for the full statement of approval and the icon to be included when the approved sponsor organization is cited in the statement of approval text.
  • The icon is not for use in letterhead and email signatures.
Proper Use of Icon:
APA approved sponsor
Improper Use of Icon:
Do not use icon without descriptive text

If you have any questions about the appropriate use, or if you have any difficulty accessing the icon, please contact our office.

Download the Icon

CESA provides two files for each icon: one in high resolution helpful for print materials, and another sized to screen resolution for electronic use.

  1. Select the image size you want: high or screen resolution. A new window with the image will open.
  2. Save the image to your local hard drive (process may vary depending on your operating system and browser).
  3. You may now resize the image for your promotional materials and add the authorization statement as instructed.

APA approved sponsor
High Resolution (204 KB)
Screen Resolution (7.5 KB)

APA approved sponsor
High Resolution (204 KB)
Screen Resolution (7.5 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions
What is this?

The icon is a way to distinguish and promote sponsors who have approved CE sponsor status, so that it can be clearly recognized in your promotional materials and websites that you have achieved approval by APA to deliver high quality education.

Why do I need it?

The icon allows the public to easily recognize sponsors' commitment to high quality continuing education for psychologists.

Do I have to use the icon and/or the approval statement?

No. Use of this icon is at sponsors' discretion. Sponsors do not need to use the icon and/or the approval statement. However, if you choose to use the icon, then you must use the approval statement. Sponsors are also permitted to use the statement alone.

Why call it an icon? Isn't it a logo?

This icon is for use by sponsors to represent quality continuing education and to show that you have met APA's standards for approved CE sponsors. It is distinct from a logo in that it does not represent the entirety of an organization.


At the end of 2013, CESA received a formal request from APA's approved CE sponsors to develop a custom icon. This request was presented to and supported by the Continuing Education Committee (CEC). As a result, the CESA office and APA worked to create the icon.

This icon represents:

  • The value of recognizing the hard work of APA's approved CE sponsors.
  • The importance of ensuring consistency of practice across approved CE sponsors with a single, unified icon to represent their status.
  • The ability for sponsors to distinguish in their promotional materials that they have achieved approval by APA to deliver high quality continuing education.

CESA and CEC are committed to maintaining excellence of approved CE sponsor organizations. In so doing, we will continue to hear the voice of sponsors and provide optimal services.