Bullying Prevention

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Bullying Prevention shows a brief, ecosystemic approach to preventing larger, older children from bullying smaller, younger children. Dr. Arthur M. Horne discusses how he works with both the victims and the perpetrators of bullying, always examining the school and family systems that may inadvertently support bullying behavior. In this session, Dr. Horne meets with a teenage boy and his mother and provides him with skills and actions for coping with bullies, including practicing self-calming techniques, keeping a long-term perspective, and asking a trusted teacher for help.

Learning Objectives
  • Define bullying and describe its short and long term consequences,
  • Describe factors (individual, family, school, and societal) that contribute to the occurrence of bullying,
  • Describe modifiable factors within schools and communities that reduce the occurrence of bullying,
  • Identify types of strategies and treatments to reduce bullying in a school setting,
  • Train students in a specific problem solving model which may be useful to targets of bullying, and
  • Conduct helpful counseling sessions with targets of bullying and parents that will provide support and solutions for the victim.
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