Shy Children, Phobic Adults: Nature and Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder, Second Edition

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This book describes the clinical presentation of social anxiety disorder, presents theoretical perspectives on its etiology, and examines the latest empirical data with respect to both pharmacological and behavioral interventions.

Includes information from new studies differentiating patterns of distress characteristic of social anxiety disorder vs. social phobia.

Learning Objectives
  • Comprehend the psychopathology of social anxiety disorder in children and adults, and how physical cognitive, and emotional development may affect the disorder’s clinical presentation
  • Identify biological and psychological factors that contribute to the etiology of social anxiety disorder
    Design a comprehensive strategy for the assessment of social anxiety disorder with particular attention to the importance of cognitive development
  • Identify efficacious medication treatments for social anxiety disorder, and their limitations and
  • Design efficacious psychological interventions for social anxiety disorder for adults and children with attention to modifications necessary based on stage of development.
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