Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice, Second Edition: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Therapy

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This engaging book helps readers move beyond one-dimensional conceptualizations of identity to an understanding of the complex, overlapping cultural influences that form each of us. Pamela Hays' "ADDRESSING" framework enables therapists to better recognize and understand cultural influences as a multidimensional combination of Age, Developmental and acquired Disabilities, Religion, Ethnicity, Socioeconomic status, Sexual orientation, Indigenous heritage, National origin, and Gender. Unlike other books on therapy with diverse clients, which tend to focus on working with one particular ethnic group, Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice presents a framework that can be used with a person of any cultural identity.
Learning Objectives
  1. Gain more culturally awareness and knowledge through increasing familiarity with the ADDRESSING framework.
  2. Incorporate multicultural work into DSM-IV-TR diagnostic decision-making.
  3. Recognize culturally sensitive information to establish a therapeutic relationship, conduct assessments, make diagnoses, and provide interventions.
  4. Integrate theoretical and practical knowledge and learn the complexity of culture through case examples.
  5. Recognize the cultures and minority groups not commonly found in the U.S. multicultural counseling literatures.
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