Behavioral Emergencies: An Evidence-Based Resource for Evaluating and Managing Risk of Suicide, Violence, and Victimization

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In this book, Phillip M. Kleespies and his colleagues provide clinicians with critical, evidence-based approaches for the evaluation and management of behavioral emergencies. 2008.
Learning Objectives
  1. Acquire a working knowledge of variables associated with suicide, violence, and victimization,
  2. Distinguish among the various types of behavioral emergencies and learn corresponding best practices,
  3. Improve differential diagnosis of patients presenting with psychopathological symptoms in emergency situations,
  4. Select evidence-based treatments and interventions,
  5. Improve assessment and risk-management skills,
  6. Identify medical conditions presenting as behavioral emergencies, and
  7. Comprehend methodological issues and research design considerations needed to advance research in the field.
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