Cultural Competence in Trauma Therapy: Beyond the Flashback

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Few of the excellent models that have been developed for working with trauma survivors take into account the complexity of an individual's unique background and experience. Even treatment for members of "special groups" often ignores the individual's multilayered identities—which may include age, social class, ethnicity, religious faith, sexual orientation, and immigrant status—in favor of a "one-size-fits all" approach. 2008.
Learning Objectives
  1. Critique the limitations of current commonly accepted definitions of trauma stress and PTSD, and explain how the construct of trauma and the expression of distress can vary across cultures.
  2. Identify overt and insidious forms of discrimination and trauma associated with specific social locations of clients, and be able to utilize such knowledge to develop clinical hypotheses.
  3. Identify the social locations of your privileges and/or disadvantages, and recognize their potential impact on treatment dynamics in trauma therapy.
  4. Identify specific culturally sensitive tools and strategies that can be utilized in the intake, assessment, and treatment process in trauma work.
  5. Comprehend the potential professional and personal gains and risks involved in trauma work, and apply such knowledge to the therapist’s self-care.
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