Consulting Psychology: Selected Articles by Harry Levinson

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In today's fast-paced business world, there is rapid and continuous change in organizational direction and guidance. To stay ahead, many contemporary managerial practices in leadership, performance appraisal, and executive selection require serious revision. I/O consultants increasingly need to focus on sound organizational diagnosis to successfully modify executive maladaptive behavior. By applying psychodynamic theory to the workplace, consultants can more effectively assess and correct dysfunctional organizational practices in evaluating, supervising, and managing employees. 2008.

Learning Objectives
  1. Obtain a basic understanding of psychoanalytic principles, especially as they relate to business.
  2. Appreciate how psychological principles in general and psychoanalytic training in particular can be applied to organizational consultation.
  3. Apply psychoanalytic theoretical conceptualization of the workplace to practical organization consultation situations.
  4. Utilize psychoanalytic theory as a basis for consulting work throughout an executive’s career and into retirement.
  5. Evaluate the current research base for organizational consulting from a psychoanalytic perspective and identify areas where additional research is warranted.
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