APA Ethics Code Commentary and Case Illustrations

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This book is a comprehensive examination of the APA Ethics Code and the complex process of ethical decision making. The authors describe the Standards of the Code, their application, and how the Code can guide psychologists when ethical dilemmas arise.
Learning Objectives
  • Explain each of the standards included in the 2002 APA Ethics Code using layman’s terms.
  • Describe approved methods for psychologists to resolve ethical dilemmas.
  • Apply the 2002 APA Ethics Code standards to various ethical dilemmas, in order to determine whether a violation has occurred.
  • Discuss the factors that contributed to ethical dilemmas, in order to determine what could be done better in the future to avoid such a dilemma.
  • Assess which standards in the 2002 APA Ethics Code apply to various ethical dilemmas.         
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