Antidepressant Treatment Update: Integration of Psychopharmacology and CBT

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This intermediate workshop presents practical information for practicing psychologists about the effects of common antidepressant, how to best explain these medications and their effects to patients, and how to employ cognitive-behavioral principles and practices to enhance pharmacotherapy. The antidepressant teaching is based on understanding the division of antidepressants into seven classes according to their neurotransmitter effects. Once the seven classes are recognized, it is possible to have a logical approach to selection of a particular antidepressant based on the side effect profile of the class to which it belongs. In addition, practitioners will learn to identify medical illness, medication side effects and drug effects that can produce depressive symptoms and practical outcome measures to track and modify treatment.

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Learning Objectives
  • Identify different classes of antidepressants by their neuroreceptor actions and compare strategies for their use;
  • Demonstrate awareness of indications for sequential monotherapy versus augmentation strategies in nonresponders;
  • Integrate cognitive-behavioral problem-focused strategies to enhance psychopharmacological treatment of depressive disorders, including use of appropriate outcome measures to assess response and modify treatment; and
  • Demonstrate awareness of common medical illnesses and drug/medication problems that can produce symptoms of depression

James M. Meredith, PhD, ABPP; John F. Drozd, PhD

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