Behavioral Sleep Medicine: Evidence Based Treatments for Sleep Disorders

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An overwhelming number of patients have sleep problems, which can be disconcerting to clinicians without formal training in the treatment of these disorders. A wellspring of evidence supports several psychological treatments of sleep disorders such as insomnia, parasomnia and circadian rhythm disorders, and there is a growing need for practitioners with expertise in these techniques. However, there is a bottleneck in dissemination. The main goal of this INTRODUCTORY workshop is to educate clinicians about how to provide, and be reimbursed for, empirically validated treatments.

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Learning Objectives
  • Discuss the prevalence of sleep disorders treatable with behavioral and cognitive interventions,
  • Apply the theorized etiology of these disorders in developing a treatment plan,
  • Provide empirically validated treatments for these disorders in adults,
  • Provide empirically validated treatments for these disorders in children,
  • Develop a practice specialty in behavioral sleep medicine through collaboration with local sleep disorders centers,
  • Apply effective billing methods for behavioral sleep medicine services, and
  • Prepare to become certified in behavioral sleep medicine.

Daniel J. Taylor, PhD, CBSM; Valerie M. Crabtree, PhD, CBSM; Wilfred R. Pigeon, PhD, CBSM

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