Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders: An Evidence-based Guide

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Complex posttraumatic conditions often develop in the aftermath of chronic cumulative trauma, particularly severe child abuse and neglect. It can also develop over the course of adulthood.  The objective of this workshop is to provide information about the nature, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions, drawing upon recent clinical writings and empirical findings. Topics to be covered include: description of complex trauma and diagnostic criteria for complex forms of PTSD/DESNOS and the dissociative disorders; treatment philosophy and treatment frame; sequenced treatment, and specific strategies and approaches, especially those directed towards affect regulation, ego-enhancement, symptom stabilization, and the maintenance of the client’s functioning. Evidence-based treatments will be emphasized.          

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Learning Objectives
  • Identify the aftereffects of chronic cumulative trauma (particularly during childhood) as a complex posttraumatic condition and will be able to identify criteria of this condition.
  • Gain an understanding of the philosophy and sequencing of treatment for complex posttraumatic conditions.
  • Identify a variety of treatment strategies and techniques for complex posttraumatic conditions, including the available evidence base that is available.
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