Advanced Assessment and Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders

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This advanced workshop is designed for psychologists who have completed at least basic professional training in ADHD and have experience in assessment and treatment of this disorder in children and/or adults. It will review recent research studies that support the reconceptualization of ADHD as developmental impairment of executive functions, the cognitive management system of the human brain. Participants will consider how this new model of ADHD helps to explain the frequent co-occurrence of ADHD with various other disorders. They will also design treatment plans for patients with ADHD complicated by comorbidities and various psychosocial factors.

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Learning Objectives
  • Describe key research studies on brain development and functioning underlying the concept of ADHD as developmentally impaired executive functions.
  • Explain how this new model of ADHD is related to comorbid disorders such as learning disorders, substance use disorders, oppositional defiant disorders and autistic spectrum disorders.

Thomas E. Brown, PhD

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