Couples & Family Psychology: The Ethical Challenges and Concerns in Teaching, Supervision and Clinical Practice

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Ethical concerns about such issues as confidentiality, informed consent, competency, who is the patient, secrecy and privacy, record keeping, insurance billing and hiring an investigator to check on a suspected affair, etc., are even more complex in couple and family treatment than in individual treatment. These often challenging and perplexing dilemmas, for which there are no simple right or wrong answers, will constitute the issues addressed in this workshop. They will be explored from the purviews of the instructor, the supervisor and the clinician and some pathways toward resolution will be delineated.

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Learning Objectives
  • Identify the most frequent ethical and legal issues that cause distress to couple and family psychologists.
  • Utilize standard operating procedures to avoid the most common problems — such as clear written contracts, articulating one’s practice policies, and distributing fact sheets about these
  • Recognize when they cannot and should not maintain "therapist neutrality" and how to handle this in terms of risk management and the possibility of engendering a serious rupture in the therapeutic process.

Florence Kaslow, PhD

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