Identifying and Treating Your Patients' (Often Unrecognized) Addictions

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This workshop will clarify the new DSM-5 addiction category and present the core knowledge about addictions that mental health practitioners need to know. You will learn about substance-related disorders and behavioral addictions such as Internet, sex and exercise addiction and the factors that impede their recognition. You will be introduced to screening tools, subtle early warning signs of addiction that set the stage for early intervention, and methods for treating addictions that can be seamlessly integrated into psychotherapy.

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Learning Objectives
  • Develop a sense of "role adequacy" when it comes to identifying and initiating treatment of behavioral and substance addictions.
  • Identify the personal, professional and contextual factors that stand in the way of recognizing and treating addictions.
  • Recognize the early warning signs of addiction and distinguish addictive from non-addictive forms of a behavior.

Marilyn Freimuth, PhD

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