Trauma-Informed Parenting & Custody Examinations

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Psychologists working in family court matters often have to assess and manage disputes where issues of psychological trauma are central to the cases. Issues of possible child sexual and/or physical abuse and/or domestic violence arise repeatedly. Issues such as alleged "parental alienation" or "high conflict parenting" are placed before courts with little attention to the evidence-based trauma literature. In this workshop, we will first discuss the evidentiary base for some common trauma myths. An enormous body of experimental and clinical literature has developed, which the workshop will review. We will present how this evidence base is reflected in the formal guidelines for child custody evaluations, for evaluations in child protection matters, and in the guidelines developed for evaluation of cases involving psychological trauma. We will specifically attend to allegations of parental alienation or high conflict parenting, and discuss the effects of such charges on children and families.

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Learning Objectives
  • Discuss child-abuse research and incorporate into their work.
  • Describe and incorporate up-to-date findings on child suggestibility in interview situations into their work and reports.
  • Gain awareness of proper protocols for interviewing children about possible child abuse.

Philip J. Kinsler, PhD, and Joy Silberg, PhD

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