Psychology in the Corporate World: Embracing the Challenge

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The value and benefit that psychologists can provide in corporate settings is reviewed, and barriers that exist to hamper psychologists from fully utilizing their skills in corporate settings are discussed. The roles that psychologists currently fill in the corporate world are described as are a broader range of human services activities within these corporate settings — services currently not often provided by psychologists.

As it is our belief that psychologists can make much more significant contributions, we share our perspectives on how optimal impact of psychological expertise in a corporate environment can be achieved. Organizational support programs that make very strong contributions to corporations are presented with selected examples. Finally, we summarize our input and suggest possible next steps for consideration.

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Learning Objectives
  • Appreciate the need for greater representation and involvement of psychologists in corporate settings.
  • Comprehend the roles psychologists currently play in corporate settings and the broader range of human services provided to corporate settings.
  • Identify the organizational support programs, including specific examples that achieve optimal impact in corporate settings.

Paul Banikiotes, PhD, and Florence Gorsky, MSA

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