Math & Science Education

Psychological research sheds light on how brains process math and science, achievement gaps and how students learn, but psychology itself is also a scientific discipline.

Early Learning

Guidelines to help early childhood educators promote development in several domains, including:


Tips to help you cope with alternative conceptions in your classroom.

STEM Education

Insights from psychological research can help improve math and science education. Learn more about:

  • Child development and early understanding of math.
  • Conceptual understanding of science.
  • Social and motivational involvement in STEM.
  • Assessment of learning.
  • Women in STEM.

Engage Your Students

Women and STEM

Psychology as a STEM Discipline

APA's task force report on psychology as a STEM discipline will help you understand:

  • The definition of STEM and psychology as a basic science.

  • Why psychology is inconsistently recognized as a core STEM discipline.

  • Recommendations to fix the problem.