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This year, APAGS gains a new voting seat on APA's Council of Representatives and a non-voting permanent seat on APA's Board of Directors. APA members approved the seats while voting on several changes to the association's bylaws late last year.

Close to 90 percent of the voters approved adding the new APAGS seats to APA governance. The APAGS chair-elected by student members-will serve as the representative to both governance groups from January to December. The current chair, Christopher W. Loftis, has already begun serving.

"The APAGS voting seat on council and nonvoting seat on the Board of Directors will significantly strengthen the voice of students within APA and allow students to have more formal, far-reaching and substantial input regarding the affairs of APA and the future of psychology," says Carol Williams-Nickelson, APAGS associate executive director.

Adds Loftis: "Prior to this change, students often heard about important discussions secondhand or through different filters and were excluded from providing direct input into the governance process."


Changes coming to APAGS Web site

APAGS is adding new features to its Web site (www.apa.org/apags), including more discussion opportunities and resources for students. Here are some of the changes you can expect:

  • A rotating APAGS Member of the Month slot will profile a graduate student's achievements beginning this summer. APAGS is looking for students who can offer advice and share accomplishments or information about challenges they had to overcome. Interested students need to fill out a form, which asks for such items as a brief biographical sketch, academic and training experiences and advice to other students.

If selected, the responses will be reprinted on the Web site.

To receive a form, contact Starleetah Gaddis at APAGS; (202) 336-6014; e-mail: Starleetah Gaddis.

  • An opinion solicitation page will be a way for students to provide feedback on APAGS efforts and to receive information about student needs and issues.

  • A members-only section, added this spring, will allow students to voice their views in online discussions about topics covered in gradPSYCH.

New resources available through APAGS

Watch the APAGS Web site for more information on these new resource guides available in the coming months:

  • The "APAGS Survival Guide for Students with Disabilities" will address student rights, discrimination, funding resources, managing stress and combating misperceptions. The guide is to be released in August.

  • "The Faces of APAGS: Profiles of Success and Sage Advice from those Who Know" will contain stories and advice from graduate students about getting through a doctoral program and reaching degree milestones. To submit lessons or advice you have learned for possible publication, contact Starleetah Gaddis at APAGS; (202) 336-6014; e-mail: Starleetah Gaddis.


Access to Practitioner Portal free for a limited time

Practice-oriented students-through their APAGS membership-can access the new APA Practice Organization's Practitioner Portal free of charge this year. To sign up, visit www.APAPractice.org. The Practitioner Portal is an online resource that connects psychologists to others in the profession and provides information on products and resources to assist them in managing their practices.