Degree In Sight


Making the Most of APA Convention: Strategies for Graduate Students
9—9:50 a.m., APAGS Suite
Speakers: Patrick R. Bennett (chair), APAGS member-at-large, research/academic focus; Andre Vlok, APAGS Convention Committee chair; Angela Green, APAGS member-at-large, general focus; Stephen Hampe, APAGS member-at-large, practice focus; Espen Correll, APAGS Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns chair.

Learning from Experience: Seasoned Psychologists Share Their Professional Expertise
11—11:50 a.m., APAGS Suite
Speakers: Jamie Landry (chair), Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Mark Hanson, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Nima Patel, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Shauna E. Summers, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Catalina D'Achiardi, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

Your Dissertation from Start to Finish
12—12:50 p.m., Convention Center 701 B
Speakers: Max Hines, PhD (chair), Argosy University/Seattle; Andre Vlok, (co-chair), APAGS Convention Committee chair; Derek Snyder, APAGS past-chair, Yale University; Mary Lee Welson, PhD, University of Wisconsin; Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD, APA, APAGS.

Generations X,Y and Beyond: What Psychologists Need to Know
1—1:50 p.m., Convention Center 205 A & B
Speakers: Cindy De Vaney Olvey, Argosy University-Phoenix; Jessica Kohout, PhD, APA Research Office; Kathleen Barker, PhD, CUNY, New York.

Kinky Sex in the Psychotherapy Office
1—1:50 p.m., APAGS Suite

Speakers: Beverly J. Bell (chair), Argosy University/Seattle; Laura Brown, PhD, Argosy University/Seattle; Ron Michaels, Toronto.

Life Doesn't Begin After Graduate School: Enjoying the Doctoral Journey
2—2:50 p.m., Convention Center 205 A & B

Speakers: August L. Leming Jr. (chair), Seton Hall University; Hannah Carson (CO-chair), Seton Hall University.

Women Supporting Women: Are Students Balancing the Personal and the Professional Well?
3—3:50 p.m., Convention Center 205 A & B

Speakers: Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD (chair), APA, APAGS; Susan D'Esposito, APAGS member-at-large, diversity focus; Carol Goodheart, EdD, APA's Board of Directors.


The Job Market: Experiences of Recent PhD Graduates
9—9:50 a.m., APAGS Suite

Speakers: Andre Smiler (chair), University of New Hampshire; James Stringham, University of New Hampshire; Russell D. Kosits, University of New Hampshire; Donna M. Perkins, University of New Hampshire; Jessica Kohout, PhD, APA Research Office.

The Infusion of Multiculturalism in Training Programs: Student-Led Initiative
12—12:50 p.m., APAGS Suite

Speakers: Neal E. Christensen (chair), University of Kansas; Shane J. Lopez, PhD, University of Kansas; Jaime A. Ryder, University of Kansas; Kelly M. Janowski, University of Kansas.

Selecting and Preparing for Practice Specialties/Proficiencies: Neuropsychology, Forensics, RxP
2—2:50 p.m., Convention Center, Constitution Hall 105

Speakers: Cindy De Vaney Olvey (chair), Argosy University/Phoenix; Allan Mirsky, PhD, National Institute of Mental Health; John Toma, PhD, Biltmore Evaluation and Treatment Services; Anita Brown, PhD, Hampton University.

Who Gets the Credit and Why? Negotiating Publication Credit
4—4:50 p.m., Convention Center 701 A

Speakers: Patrick Bennett, APAGS member-at-large, research/academic focus; Stephen Behnke, PhD, JD, APA Ethics Office.

Celebrating APAGS' 15th Anniversary: Past Achievements and Future Aspirations
5—5:50 p.m., Convention Center 718 A

Speakers: Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD, APA, APAGS; Christopher Loftis, APAGS chair.
9:00 p.m. on, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Concert Hall
Cocktail hour and swing dance.


Everything Students Need to Know about Licensure and Certification
9—10:50 a.m., Convention Center, Constitution Hall 107

Speakers: Thomas J. Vaughn, PhD (chair), Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Psychologists; Mary E. Willmuth, PhD, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards; Emil Rodolfa, PhD, Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers; Ted Packard, PhD, American Board of Professional Psychology; Kathy M. Laster, PhD, Behavioral Medicine Associates.

Beyond the Therapy Room: Creative Thinking About Practice Opportunities
12—1:50 p.m., Convention Center 714 B

Speakers: Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD (chair), APA, APAGS; David W. Ballard, PsyD (CO-chair), APAGS chair; Russ Newman, PhD, JD, APA's Practice Directorate; David Nickelson, PsyD, JD, APA's Practice Directorate; Lisa Osborn, PsyD, APA's Practice Directorate.

Supervisor and Supervisee Perspectives on Pre- and Postdoctoral Training
2—2:50 p.m., APAGS Suite

Speakers: Frank L. Gardner, PhD (chair), LaSalle University; Kevin Riley, PhD, LaSalle University; Mary G. Brownsberger, LaSalle University; Christopher Combs, PhD, LaSalle University; Zella E. Moore, LaSalle University; Raymond D. DiGiuseppe, PhD, St. John's University.

Expectation Versus Actuality: The Practicum Experience From Multiple Perspectives
3—3:50 p.m., APAGS Suite

Speakers: Lorraine Mangione, PhD (chair), Antioch New England Graduate School; Roger L. Peterson, PhD (CO-chair), Antioch New England Graduate School; Steven M. Gross, Yale School of Medicine; Victor F. Pantesco, EdD, Antioch New England Graduate School; Richard R. Amodio, PhD, Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Maryka Biaggio, PhD, Pacific University.

APAGS Open Meeting and Awards Ceremony
5—5:50 p.m., APAGS Suite

New APAGS committee members will be welcomed, and recipients of this year's APAGS awards and scholarships will be honored.


Non-Academic Employment for Scientists: Options and Opportunities
9—9:50 a.m., APAGS Suite

Speaker: Michele Brumley (chair), Science Student Council chair.

Navigating the Internship Application Process: Survival Strategies from APAGS and APPIC
9—10:50 a.m., Convention Center, Constitution Hall 106

Speakers: Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD (chair), Emory University School of Medicine; Joyce Illfelder-Kaye, PhD, Penn State University; Mitchell J. Prinstein, PhD, Yale University; Carrie George, APAGS member-at-large, education focus; Greg Keilin, PhD, The University of Texas at Austin.

Constructing a Vita for Clinical, Academic or Research Positions
11—11:50 a.m., Convention Center, Constitution Hall 106

Speakers: Cindy De Vaney Olvey, Argosy University/Phoenix; Tara L. Kuther, PhD, Western Connecticut State University; Stuart C. Tentoni, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.