It is my pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural issue of your magazine, gradPSYCH. As CEO of the American Psychological Association, I very much value the active participation of students in our community through membership as APA student affiliates and as members of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS). It may be cliché, but you, today's graduate students, are this discipline's future. Helping to support and build psychology education and training opportunities that serve students well also serves the association well. The purpose of this new magazine is to give students a community voice and greater interconnectivity. I hope you will actively engage with it, read each issue and submit story ideas and letters to the editors. We want to hear from you.

APA Chief Executive Officer


gradPSYCH has arrived and so, it seems, have graduate students! This magazine, created for you and about you, is a testament to our commitment to developing and enhancing resources for our valued APAGS members. More than just a periodical, gradPSYCH hopes to serve as a reference and to be as important to you, the graduate psych student, as a pen and notebook. We will provide a unique blend of guidance and information on psychology careers, training and supervision, financial management, and APAGS and APA activities. The 48-page, full-color publication replaces the APAGS two-color newsletter and will address students in the full range of research and practice programs. Four times per year, current APAGS members will receive a copy free of charge in the mail as a benefit of membership. Non-members can get a copy by simply subscribing. Whichever way you get gradPSYCH, be sure to check out the Web sites gradpsych.apags.org and www.apa.org/apags to read and participate in discussions on articles. So welcome to the first of what will be a library of information to you throughout your academic career. We hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we have enjoyed developing it for you.

APAGS Associate Executive Director