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Submit presentation proposals for 2004 convention

Interested in presenting at APA's next convention? APAGS is accepting proposals from students interested in showcasing their research or offering career advice at APA's Annual Convention in Honolulu, July 28-Aug. 1.

Students can present their topics in APAGS programming, including poster and discussion sessions, symposiums and workshops. Your topic has the best chance of being chosen if it's timely and has broad appeal-such as coverage of CV preparation or research strategies. Also favored are proposals involving multiple presenters. Convention presentations are typically 50 minutes.

APAGS presenters follow the same submission guidelines as APA presenters, except APAGS members are eligible to chair their own sessions. For guidelines, visit the APA APAGS Web site.

The submission deadline is Nov. 14. APAGS will notify students whose proposals have been accepted in late February. Send submissions to: APAGS Convention Proposal at the APA address. For more information, contact APAGS at (202) 336-6014.

Resources available to students with disabilities

A new resource guide offers advice on a variety of accommodation and training issues affecting psychology graduate students with disabilities. "The Resource Guide for Psychology Graduate Students with Disabilities" includes an explanation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and guidance on programs' policies for the disabled, meeting program requirements, self-care and navigation of internships and postdocs. The guide is edited by Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD, APAGS associate executive director, and Anju Khubchandani, APA's disability issues officer.

Also, APA offers a mentoring program that links psychology students with disabilities to psychologists with disabilities (see Program aids students with disabilities). For more information on APA's Disability Mentoring program, visit the APA Disability Mentoring Page.

New listserv aims to link student division representatives

Looking for more professional development and mentoring opportunities within APA's divisions? Students involved in one of the divisions can join the Division Student Representative Network (DSRN) listserv, which provides a forum to discuss student issues and seeks to enhance professional development opportunities through the divisions.

DSRN aims to enlist one representative in each of the 53 APA divisions. Participants will discuss such issues as how to increase student involvement and membership in divisions and develop divisional leadership skills and mentoring for graduate students.

DSRN members will also be invited to participate in APAGS meetings, biannual DSRN conference calls, and training and planning sessions with the APAGS Executive Committee. To sign up or for more information, contact Starleetah Gaddis at (202) 336-6014; e-mail: Starleetah Gaddis.

Apply now for APAGS 2004 awards, scholarships

Graduate students are eligible for a variety of APAGS scholarships, grants and awards for demonstrating excellence in such areas as promoting student involvement and working with underrepresented groups.

The application and nomination deadline is June 14 unless otherwise indicated. The awards are:

  • The David Pilon Scholarship for Training in Professional Psychology: a $1,000 scholarship to support supplemental training and education experiences in professional practice.

  • The Larry J. Bass Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award: a $1,000 scholarship for research on an issue relating to the regulation of psychology.

  • The Ellin Bloch and Pierre Ritchie Honorary Scholarship: a $1,000 scholarship that honors research on a social issue or underrepresented group in psychology.

  • The Scott Mesh Honorary Scholarship for Research in Psychology: a $1,000 scholarship for dissertation research.

  • The Raymond D. Fowler Award: an award that honors a psychologist-nominated by an APAGS member-who has made an outstanding contribution to students' professional development.

  • The Nancy B. Forest and L. Michael Honaker Master's Scholarship for Research in Psychology: a $1,000 award to fund thesis research in the field of psychology at the master's level.

  • The APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Professional Contribution by a Graduate Student: a $1,000 award that also provides free travel to APA's Annual Convention to a graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding practice and application of psychology. The application deadline is May 31.

  • The Department of the Year Award: a $1,000 award to a graduate psychology department for excellence in meeting students' needs and faculty-student relations.

  • The APAGS Outstanding Professional Development Program Award: a $500 award to encourage students to submit proposals for APAGS programming at APA's Annual Convention.

  • The APAGS Award for Outstanding State or Provincial Psychological Association of the Year 2004: a $1,500 award to a state or provincial psychological association (SPPA) for excellence in promoting student involvement and joint APAGS/SPPA membership. The application deadline is Nov. 1.

  • The Diversity Dissertation Scholarship: a $1,000 scholarship to support proposed research or a nearly completed dissertation on diversity issues.

  • The APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs Grant Program: $500 grants awarded to two students in the spring and three in the fall for projects that enhance the training of ethnic-minority graduate students. The application deadlines are Dec. 1 or July 1.

  • The Kenneth and Mamie Clark Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Professional Development of Ethnic Minority Graduate Students: an engraved plaque presented to ethnic-minority psychologists for contributions to academic and professional development of minority students.

For submission guidelines, visit awards index.


2003 APAGS scholarship and awards

Congratulations to this year's winners! For more information on the APAGS awards program, visit the APA APAGS Web site.

Scott Mesh Honorary Scholarship for Research in Psychology
Amy Smith, University of California, Santa Cruz

Nancy B. Forest and L. Michael Honaker Master's Scholarship for Research in Psychology
David Bauer, University of Wisconsin­ Milwaukee

David Pilon Scholarship for Training in Professional Psychology
Alaina Haub, University of Denver, Colorado

Ellin Bloch and Pierre Ritchie Honorary Scholarship
Nicole Nugent, Kent State University

Raymond D. Fowler Award
Laura Brown, PhD, Argosy University

Kenneth and Mamie Clark Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Professional Development of Ethnic Minority Graduate Students
Alberta Gloria, PhD, University of Wisconsin

Department of the Year Award
University of South Florida Department of Psychology

Outstanding State or Provincial Psychological Association
Ohio Psychological Association

Diversity Dissertation Scholarship
Thomas Zangas, Gallaudet University