Money Matters

In addition to the three $20,000 research fellowships, the Koppitz Fund also awarded five $4,000 travel stipends to runner-up fellowship applicants for travel to professional meetings. The 2003 Koppitz Travel Stipend winners are:

  • Greta L. Doctoroff, a fourth-year graduate student in the child and family clinical psychology doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Doctoroff studies the connection between observed parent-child interactions and children's academic functioning.

  • Camila Fernández, a developmental psychology doctoral student at New York University. Fernández uses her experiences working with Colombian orphans and middle-class children in her research on the influence of such environmental factors as violence and poverty on children's development.

  • Nicole M. McNeil, a psychology doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin­Madison. She is studying difficulties children have learning intermediate mathematics. In contrast to theories emphasizing conceptual misunderstanding and working memory limitations, McNeil's work suggests that children's difficulties stem from prolonged early experience with arithmetic operations.

  • Cindy P. Polak, a fourth-year doctoral student in the human development department at the University of Maryland, who researches temperament, emotion regulation and developmental psychophysiology. She plans to design a research program incorporating biological, behavioral and cognitive components of positive affect.

  • Jacqueline G. Rea, a fourth-year doctoral student in the child clinical psychology and developmental cognitive neuroscience program at the University of Denver. Rea's research examines the psychobiology and neuropsychology of post-traumatic stress disorder and the effects of stressful early-life experiences on brain development and function.