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Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Yeshiva University
Program director: Richard A. Zweig, PhD
Project title: Doctoral Geropsychology Training in a Primary-care Setting
Award amount: $197,496
Disciplines: Clinical psychology (doctoral) and internal medicine
Purpose: Provide externship training to clinical psychology doctoral students at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology with education and clinical experiences in geropsychology.

University of Rochester Medical Center
Program director: Deborah A. King, PhD
Project title: University of Rochester Geropsychology Education Program
Award amount: $200,209
Disciplines: Psychology, medicine (family medicine and internal medicine) and psychiatry
Purpose: Provide postdoctoral training to two fellows the first year and three fellows each in the second and third years to prepare them to become geropsychologists in community-based eldercare services.

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Program director: Leon A. Hyer, EdD
Project title: Training in Geropsychology for Underserved Elders
Award amount: $91,608
Disciplines: Psychology, psychiatry, family medicine and public health
Purpose: Create an integrated program for three geropsychology interns and three graduate students and develop new geriatric programs.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
Program director: Susan Labott, PhD
Project title: Geropsychology Education Program at UIC
Award amount: $158,690
Disciplines: Psychology (clinical, consulting, health and neuropsychology), medicine (psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation), nursing (rehabilitation and oncology) and social work
Purpose: Develop a distance-learning program with interactive case consultation and demonstrations and support intern stipends and an interdisciplinary geropsychology seminar.

University of South Florida
Program director: Victor A. Molinari, PhD
Project title: Postdoctoral Public Sector Interdisciplinary Training
Award amount: $226,281
Disciplines: Psychology (postdoctoral fellows and graduate students), geriatric nurse practitioner, public health and gerontology
Purpose: Train three geropsychology postdoctoral fellows each year for three years in diverse long-term care and primary-care settings.

University of Alabama
Program director: Forrest R. Scogin, PhD
Project title: Training Geropsychologists for an Aging America
Award amount: $103,117
Disciplines: Psychology, nursing, social work and medicine
Purpose: Expand practicum sites in underserved communities to train clinical geropsychology students and fund three geropsychology graduate students and an interdisciplinary course on health and aging.

Veterans Affairs Black Hills Health Care System
Program director: Michael J. Fellner, PhD
Project title: Frontier Geropsychology Training Enhancement Project
Award amount: $239,488
Disciplines: Psychology, psychiatry, medicine, nursing, social work and master's-level counselors
Purpose: Develop a geropsychology component within the Internship Training Program and provide interns with training experiences working with elderly Native American clients in frontier and rural areas.