Money Matters

Graduate students who are looking for a mentor, professional development opportunities or a place to hone their networking skills should check out psychology's regional association meetings, which begin in March. Each meeting offers registration discounts to students and features programming on the latest in research, practice and education and talks by prominent researchers and academicians.

Here are highlights, dates and locations for each meeting:

Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA), March 10—13, Atlanta

The SEPA meeting will celebrate the association's 50th anniversary and feature distinguished speakers such as:

  • Philip Kendall, PhD, of Temple University, presenting "A lifetime of anxiety: from a research point of view."

  • Anthony Spirito, PhD, of Brown University, presenting "Adolescent attempted suicide: community treatment, clinical trials and the gap in-between."

  • Tiffany M. Field, PhD, of the University of Miami School of Medicine, who will present an APA G. Stanley Hall Lecture on "Touch therapy research."

Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA), April 8—10, San Antonio

SWPA's 50th anniversary meeting will feature a workshop sponsored by APA's Science Directorate on academic careers for graduate students and postdocs. Other highlights include invited lectures by APA CEO Norman B. Anderson, PhD, APA Past-president Robert J. Sternberg, PhD, of Yale University, and APA President Diane F. Halpern, PhD, of Claremont McKenna College. Joshua Aronson, PhD, of New York University, will discuss his research on stereotype threat, and Ludy Benjamin, PhD, of Texas A&M University, will present a talk on Inez Beverly Prosser, PhD, the first African-American woman to earn a psychology doctorate.

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association (RMPA), April 15—17, Reno, NV

RMPA will feature symposia and panel discussions on teaching, including a workshop on "Developing your teaching philosophy and style," led by Bill Buskist, PhD, of Auburn University, and Bill Hill, PhD, of Kennesaw State University. Conference speakers include:

  • Elizabeth Loftus, PhD, of the University of California, Irvine, who will present on "Grand illusions of memory."

  • Faye J. Crosby, PhD, of the University of California, Santa Cruz, presenting on "Teaching about and researching affirmative action."

  • Paul Bell, PhD, of Colorado State University, presenting the past-president's address on "Progress in preventing and curing Alzheimer's disease."

  • Stephen F. Davis, PhD, of Emporia State University, presenting on academic dishonesty.

Eastern Psychological Association (EPA), April 15—18, Washington, DC 

Featured speakers at EPA's 75th anniversary meeting include: Lorraine Allan, PhD, of McMaster University, Paula Costa, PhD, of the National Institutes of Health, Nicola Clayton, PhD, of Cambridge University, and Timothy D. Wilson, PhD, of the University of Virginia, who will deliver an APA G. Stanley Hall Lecture on "Affective forecasting and the pleasures of uncertainty."

Other highlights include an integrative symposium on hormones and behavior and a miniconference on visual perception and attention.

Western Psychological Association (WPA), April 22—25, Phoenix, AZ 

Notable speakers at the WPA meeting will include Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD, of Stanford University, Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD, of the University of Pennsylvania, APA President Diane F. Halpern, PhD, of Claremont McKenna College, Robert B. Cialdini, PhD, of Arizona State University, Christina Maslach, PhD, of the University of California, Berkeley, and M. Brewster Smith, PhD, of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

APA's Education Directorate, Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools and Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges will offer a workshop on teaching introductory psychology.

Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA), April 29—May 1, Chicago, IL

The MPA program will feature presentations by Gary Wells, PhD, of Iowa State University, James Pelligrino, PhD, of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Nicki Crick, PhD, of the University of Minnesota, L. Rowell Huesmann, PhD, of the University of Michigan, and Alice Eagly, PhD, of Northwestern University. In addition, Randy Gallistel, PhD, of Rutgers University, will present an APA Distinguished Scientist Lecture on "An information processing perspective on conditioning."

New England Psychological Association (NEPA), Oct. 15—16, Providence, RI

While NEPA is still in the planning stages for its 2004 meeting, Paul Cunningham, PhD, is set to present on "Transpersonal psychology: bridging science and spirit" and Mahzarin Banaji, PhD, of Harvard University, will present on "Mind bugs: the psychology of ordinary prejudice." The meeting will be held in conjunction with the New England Conference on the Teaching of Psychology on Oct. 15.