Money Matters

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

  • F31 training grants and related grants

  • Complete guide to writing NIH grant proposals

  • Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects database, which gives a complete list of NIH-funded research and researchers. If you're interested in a particular research topic and want to spread your wings outside your department, this is the place to do it.

  • Administrative supplements for minorities and students with disabilities. NIH offers supplements to investigators' existing grants that pay salaries, supplies and some travel. Check with your adviser on how to apply.

National Science Foundation (NSF)


  • APA Science Student Council lists funding and grant opportunities.

  • APA's Minority Fellowship Program provides financial and other support for up to three years.

  • APA's dissertation awards help defray the research costs of your dissertation.

  • The Decade of Behavior-a multidisciplinary initiative to address society's challenges through the innovations of social and behavioral scientists-offers a funding database as well as grant-writing tips. 

Other resources

  • The Foundation Center is a clearinghouse of information on grants offered by foundations.

  • The independent Web site lists grant and other opportunities for psychology graduate students.

Further reading

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  • Garnering grant money