January's diverse palate 

As a future academic with interest in training psychologists, I found the article on "Motivating the yawners" and Dr. Williams-Nickelson's article on supervision to be informative. Supervision, whether in research or clinical practice, is an essential aspect of training as a psychologist, and I would like to see a more in-depth look at this issue.
Marquette University

It's always interesting to know what seasoned psychologists may have wanted someone to tell them in graduate school ("Words from the wise," January gradPSYCH). When I have an opportunity to get philosophical input from those who have been in the field for a while, I find that it stays with me much longer and likely affects me more as a professional than when I get practical advice.

I appreciate the "Money Matters" section as well, because money is a key issue for many grad students, and one that I find is often minimized.
Texas School of Professional Psychology at Argosy/Dallas



In the print edition of January gradPSYCH, there were two incorrect Web addresses:

• In the "Postdoc resources" section of the article "The skinny on the postdoc" (page 32 in the print edition), APA's Minority Fellowship Program Web address should have been www.apa.org/mfp.

• In the sidebar "School psychologists differ in their credentialing requirements" of the article "What you need to know to get licensed" (page 37 in the print edition), the APA Practice Portal address should have been www.apapractice.org.

These URLs were correct in the Web versions of the articles.


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