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Applying for an internship this year? Mark your calendar. The official dates for the 2005 Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Match are:

December 1: Deadline for students to register for the Match.

February 9: Deadline for students to submit their ranked lists of preferred internship training sites.

February 25: Applicants learn if they have been matched to an internship position, but not the specific program. Unmatched applicants prepare for the clearinghouse-where students who aren't matched in the initial round vie for internships on or after Match Day.

February 28: APPIC Match Day. Results of the Match are released to applicants and internship training directors. The APPIC clearinghouse opens. Unmatched applicants cannot contact programs about possible vacancies until 11 a.m. EST on Match Day.