Psychology of women division offers mentoring at convention

Division 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women) and the Association for Women in Psychology (AWP) are co-hosting a hospitality suite at APA's Annual Convention in Honolulu, July 28-August 1. The groups are holding several student-friendly events, including conversation hours, committee meetings and task force meetings. Moreover, they will be sponsoring a series of student mentoring events, including:

  • How to succeed in academe. Topics include getting an academic job, research and publishing, qualitative research, reviewing articles for journals, overcoming barriers in academe, and a "meet the authors" event during which students can talk with successful authors.

  • Developing your private practice. Topics include getting licensed, planning your practice, marketing your practice and issues facing women in private practice.

  • Leadership and activism. Topics include community involvement, international activism and getting involved in AWP, Division 35 and APA governance.

AWP and Division 35 also offer discounted room rates to students in exchange for five hours of volunteer work in the suite at convention. Volunteers greet suite visitors and pitch in as needed; in exchange they can stay in a four-person hotel room for $40 per night.

For more information, including a schedule of events and details on staying at the suite, visit the Division 35 Web site.

Sports division gives back to community

Division 47 (Exercise and Sport) encourages APAGS members to volunteer at its second annual "Give sport psychology away-athon" at APA's Annual Convention in Honolulu. The program will offer free sport psychology services, including workshops and lectures, to local sports groups, athletes and coaches. Students can sign up to help run events that match their skills and interests.

Division leaders are finalizing the details of the give away-athon, but events will include a workshop led by Dan Gould, PhD, for a variety of local sports coaches, sports psychologists speaking to runners and tennis players and the division working with a local sailing group in Honolulu.

To volunteer, contact Division 47 student representatives Amy Athey or Jessica Mohler.

For schedule and program information, visit the APA Division 47 Web site.