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When Kelly Janowski began her graduate studies in counseling psychology at the University of Kansas four years ago, she knew that she wanted to explore her interest in multicultural affairs. She found a group of like-minded people in Kansas's Diversity Research and Multicultural-ism (DREAM) Team, which had been organized the previous year.

DREAM is one of many student-led organizations across the country committed to conducting diversity research and supporting ethnic-minority students in graduate psychology programs (see a listing of more of them below). Its members write research proposals, conduct research, attend conferences and try to attract scholars interested in diversity issues to the university, says Janowski, one of the group's co-presidents.

Right now, she says, she and the other members are working on a study that will evaluate diversity issues in positive psychology.

"Positive psychology purports to be very inclusive," she says, "and we're doing journal reviews to evaluate how true that is." The team plans to submit the completed research for publication. In previous years, DREAM members developed a multicultural training program for use on college campuses, investigated whether internship sites provide the types of multicultural training that students want and conducted a symposium at last year's APA Annual Convention in Toronto about how to infuse multiculturalism into all classrooms.

Janowski is also the diversity coordinator for the central region of the APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA). CEMA is currently developing a diversity student organization network to connect groups like DREAM with other campus-based diversity organizations. The goal is to help those organizations advocate for ethnic-minority concerns in their graduate programs, increase the level of multicultural training offered to their students and serve as support or mentorship groups for ethnic-minority students.

"I think it's been very good to be involved [with CEMA]," Janowski says, "and to keep a pulse on what's going on beyond Kansas."



Ethnic-minority graduate student organizations


Campus-based organizations working with the APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) include:

Duquesne University—Diversity Committee of the Graduate Association of Psychology
George Mason University—George Mason Diversity Affairs Committee
Marquette University—Counseling and Educational Psychology Graduate Student Organization
Nova Southeastern University—Ethnic Minority Association of Graduate Students
University of Florida—Cultural Diversity in Psychology Group
University of Kansas—Diversity Research and Multiculturalism Team
University of Nebraska–Lincoln—Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee
University of Oregon—Ethnic Diversity Affairs Committee
University of South Florida—Psychology Student Diversity Committee
Yale University—Diversity Committee

To join the APAGS-CEMA Diversity Student Organization Network or for more information, contact APAGS Projects and Communications Coordinator Betsy Horrocks.