September 2004 | Vol. 2 No. 4

September 2004 gradPSYCH Magazine cover

COVER PACKAGE: The internship search

Prison gate with wires at the top


Internships in prisons

Prisons and correctional facilities offer diverse clinical experience and unique challenges.

Meet your student officers

The 2004 elected and appointed APAGS officers, subcommittee chairs and APASSC officers have started their terms and are ready to work for you.

New uses for old data

Data sharing and large-scale databases can provide a wealth of information and save researchers both time and money.

Preparing to present at 2005 Convention

The deadline to submit programs for APA's next convention is fast approaching. Here's how to get your proposal accepted and plan for a smooth presentation at any meeting.


The psychology of genetic screening

Recent graduate Stacy Carmichael studies how screening infants for a diabetes gene can affect their families.


Pre-doctoral master's degrees provide research experience

Some programs require doctoral students to earn a predoctoral master's degree. Here's a look at why.


Preventing premature loan repayment

Starting a research fellowship or internship? Check your loan status to avoid a deferral debacle.