Koppitz fellows, travel stipend recipients and committee members gathered for the first time for a pre-convention workshop at the 2004 American Psychological Foundation (APF) Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Workshop on Child Psychology, held July 27 in Honolulu in conjunction with APA's 2004 Annual Convention.

The event allowed the three 2003 Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship recipients-Erica Brandling-Bennett of Washington University in St. Louis, Annalise Caron of Vanderbilt University and Ingrid Cordon of the University of California, Davis-to present their funded research to fellow scholars and the Koppitz Selection Committee, which selected the students for their exemplary child psychology research.

Brandling-Bennett researches executive functioning in children, Caron researches how economically disadvantaged parents' decisions affect the development and treatment of their children's psychopathologies, and Cordon researches how interpersonal knowledge influences children's memories.

The committee also recognized five students' noteworthy child psychology research by awarding them travel stipends to attend the convention. They are:

  •  Greta Doctoroff of the University of Massachusetts Amherst

  •  Camila Fernandez of New York University

  •  Nicole McNeil of the University of Wisconsin–Madison

  •  Cindy Polak-Toste of the University of Maryland

  •  Jacqueline Rea of the University of Denver

The workshop's guest speaker, child psychologist Sandra Scarr, PhD, spoke about the evolution of her career and offered advice to the next generation of child psychologists. "Be fearless and persistent," Scarr said.

The 2005 Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Workshop on Child Psychology will be held in Washington, D.C., prior to APA's Annual Convention, Aug. 18–21. To apply for a 2006 or 2007 fellowship, visit APA Koppitz award.