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Graduate students unsure of where to take their careers after graduate school can look to a new book for help. "Life After Graduate School in Psychology: Insiders' Advice from New Psychologists" (Psychology Press, 2004) sorts through the vast web of career directions that psychologists can take-from the conventional academic path to innovative fields, like software development.

"There are endless directions that a PhD or PsyD can take you in," says Robert Morgan, PhD, a forensic psychology professor at Texas Tech University and one of the editors of the book. "We want to present students with options that are outside of the box."

Since each of the book's co-editors-Morgan, Tara Kuther, PhD, and Corey Habben, PsyD-is relatively new to the field, they understand graduate students' difficulties finding unique career directions, Morgan says.

Each chapter offers a first-hand account of a new psychologist's career path with information ranging from how they chose their path to what they do in the course of their day in such areas as public health, marketing research and medical centers.

Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and new psychologists will all find help in the book, says Morgan, as it outlines job trends for people at various stages of their psychological career. The book also offers various ways that students can make themselves marketable, such as by completing elective coursework and seeking relevant practicum training.