In the January gradPSYCH article "Postgrad growth area: School psychology," the Web address for the National Association of School Psychologists was incorrect. It is www.nasponline.org. Also, New Jersey has updated its requirements for licensure as a school psychologist. The state now requires 1,200 internship hours, 600 of which must be in a school setting.

Setting the self-care standard

DURING THE 2004 SPRING SOCIETY OF BEHAVIORAL MEDICINE CONFERENCE, I attended a session on obesity in the United States. Experts spoke regarding what changes need to be made at a policy and community level; however, I was somewhat startled by the lack of focus on the individual. I am not advocating a "blame the victim" mentality. Rather, I think that we as developing health professionals have the opportunity to empower individuals to make changes, starting with ourselves.

Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly set an example for our family and friends (see "Survival of the fittest," page 36 in this issue. Physical health is likely to reward the individual, family and friends because we are likely to be happier and engaged in our interactions with others when we feel good about ourselves. Exercising and eating well with family and friends is not only creating a good model, but these behaviors are also encouraging social connections and support systems vital to a healthy, happy lifestyle. So, making large-scale changes are important, but we should also take our own medicine to really effect change.