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The number of students who failed to match with an internship site through the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Match increased for the third year in row. In 2005, 669 of the 3,117 Match participants went unmatched, compared with 611 in 2004, 533 in 2003 and 432 in 2002.

On average, half to two-thirds of unmatched students go on to find an internship through the APPIC Clearinghouse; the remainder must reapply the next year.

The rise in unmatched students has APPIC and other organizations taking notice.

"APPIC is doing a lot of research right now to better understand the phenomenon," says APPIC Match Coordinator Greg Keilin, PhD. "The imbalance appears to be coming from an influx in students, and not a decrease in positions. We want to understand better where those students are coming from."

Among the other data from the 2005 Match:

* 131 more students registered for the Match in 2005 than in 2004.

* The Match included 25 more internship positions than in 2004.

* 79 percent of participants matched with a site in 2005, compared with 80 percent in 2004, 82 percent in 2003 and 85 percent in 2002.

* Half of the matched applicants received their top-ranked choice of internship site, 70 percent received one of their top two choices and more than 82 percent received one of their top three choices.

* Couples who used the Match's option to request placements in the same geographical area were particularly successful in 2005, says Keilin. Of the 16 couples who registered together for the Match, 10 placed in the same city, four couples placed less than 100 miles apart and two couples had at least one unmatched partner.

* Matched applicants submitted an average of 7.4 rankings, while unmatched applicants averaged 4.4 rankings--data that back up experts' advice to apply to a reasonable number of sites, about 10 to 15.

* About 11 percent of the 2005 Match's 2,757 positions did not match with a student; such programs then proceed to the APPIC Clearinghouse, through which unmatched students and sites seek each other out.


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