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The National Institutes of Health is seeking applications for its student loan-repayment programs, which offer up to $35,000 in annual loan payments in exchange for a two-year research service commitment.

The five loan-repayment programs cover:

  • Clinical research.

  • Clinical research for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Contraception and infertility research.

  • Health disparities research.

  • Pediatric research.

Applicants must have a doctoral-level degree, government or nonprofit funding for their research, and student loan debt equal to at least 20 percent of their salary, among other requirements.

The loan-repayment programs cover undergraduate, graduate, medical, dental or veterinary school loans for reasonable educational and living expenses. The programs also include funds for recipients' federal taxes and possibly state taxes. In exchange, recipients conduct research for 50 percent of their time for two years at their home lab. They can change research assignments and institutions during the two-year period. Loan-repayment contracts can also be renewed in one- or two-year increments.

The deadline for receipt of all application materials is Dec. 1. For more information, visit


Look for more information on federal loan-repayment programs in the March issue of gradPSYCH.