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Opportunities abound this spring and summer for students who want to further their research skills, beef up their statistical knowledge or otherwise add to their psychology education. Among the possibilities are:

  • Advanced Training Institutes. APA's Science Directorate will sponsor its annual series of workshops for graduate students, postdocs and established researchers. The 2006 schedule is not yet set, but past topics have included functional magnetic resonance imaging, using large-scale databases and structural equation modeling, among others. For more information and application deadlines, visit the APA ATI Web site.

  • The Summer Program in Neuroscience, Ethics and Survival. This program at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, June 17-July 15, 2006, is targeted to minorities underrepresented in neuroscience. Students take courses, conduct laboratory research and learn about "survival skills" such as grant-writing, teaching and public speaking. Afterward, students can spend another month working in a research lab. All costs including travel and housing are covered by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Marine Biological Laboratory. Applications are due by Feb. 1. For more information, visit

  • Preparing to Teach a Psychology Course. The University of New Hampshire, with support from APA, will offer this online class June 1-July 21, 2006, for graduate students and for current faculty who are developing or refining courses. For more information, visit

  • 19th Annual Workshop on Methodology of Twin and Family Studies. This introductory course, March 6-10, 2006, in Boulder, Colo., will cover univariate twin analysis, between-group heterogeneity, path analysis, multivariate genetic analysis, sibling effects and more. For more information, visit

For more information on other 2006 training opportunities, check the APA Science Directorate Web site under "Training opportunities outside APA." The site will be updated this winter.