APAGS has appointed sixth-year University of Toronto cross-cultural psychology student Christopher Lo as its new member-at-large, research/academic focus. Lo chairs the APA Science Student Council (SSC), and last year he served as the SSC Social/Personality representative. In his new APAGS position, Lo plans to coordinate the activities of SSC and APAGS to better meet the needs of science students.

For starters, Lo aims to help graduate students get more involved with journal article reviewing.

"Grad students should be involved in reviewing papers as part of their graduate training," he says. He's working on launching a student-run electronic psychology journal that would open up more reviewing opportunities for students.

Lo is also working on the issue of authorship credit with Brian Ayotte, a West Virginia University doctoral student and SSC member who has developed a contract that can aid students with authorship negotiations (see page 46). Authorship credit is a salient issue for students because miscommunication about roles can often result in disputes or hurt feelings, notes Lo.

Lo plans to organize a conversation hour at the 2006 APA Annual Convention, in partnership with SSC or APAGS, to give graduate students a forum to discuss authorship issues.

Lo expects to receive his PhD this spring and plans to pursue a postdoctoral position where he can further his research on cross-cultural differences in identity change.

-E. Packard