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Seeking a mentor, research contact or dissertation idea? Are you eager to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in psychological science, practice and education? Check out psychology's regional meetings, which begin in March. The meetings also feature a range of prominent speakers and several include workshops on teaching and statistics. Here are highlights, dates and locations for each meeting:

Eastern Psychological Association (EPA)


As in past years, EPA will feature a lineup of invited speakers along with its regular program of paper and poster presentations and symposia. Visit the EPA Web site to learn more.

Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA)


SEPA highlights include talks by psychologists Bob Neimeyer, PhD, of the University of Memphis; Bob Dipboye, PhD, of the University of Central Florida; and Jennifer Friday, PhD, who is known for her work on HIV/AIDS and racial disparities in health. The program will also feature an APA G. Stanley Hall Lecture by Daniel Povinelli, PhD, of the Cognitive Evolution Center at the University of Louisiana. An invited symposium by Terry Maple, PhD, of Georgia Tech will examine primate research. Valerie Whittlesey, PhD, of Kennesaw State University, will present the Committee on Equality of Professional Opportunity (CEPO) keynote address.

Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA)



Notable speakers include Monica Biernat, PhD, of the University of Kansas; Joshua Aronson, PhD, of New York University; and David Buss, PhD, of the University of Texas at Austin. Jeffrey Alberts, PhD, of Indiana University, will be the APA Distinguished Scientist Lecturer. Elliot Aronson, PhD, emeritus of the University of California, Santa Cruz, will be interviewed for a special session titled "Cognitive Dissonance, the Jigsaw Classroom, the Columbine Massacre and George W. Bush: An Informal Conversation with Elliot Aronson."

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association (RMPA)

April 20-22, Park City, Utah

Notable RMPA speakers include Saul Kassin, PhD, of Williams College; James Rimpau, PhD, of Montana State University; and Alice Healy, PhD, of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Bill Buskist, PhD, of the University of Auburn, will present an APA G. Stanley Hall Lecture. The meeting will also include a teaching workshop, to be held on April 20.

Western Psychological Association (WPA)

April 27-30, Palm Springs, Calif.

WPA will include a series of statistical and methodological workshops, presented by leading statistics experts such as Leona Aiken, PhD, and Steve West, PhD, of Arizona State University. Other notable WPA speakers include Roy Baumeister, PhD, of Florida State University, and Robert Bjork, PhD, of the University of California, Los Angeles. WPA offers several scholarships for WPA student members. All students who are first authors of WPA presentations are automatically considered for the scholarship competition.

Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA)

May 4-6, Chicago

MPA will feature an APA-sponsored panel on landing a job in academe. Other highlights include talks by Dolores Albarracin, PhD, of the University of Florida; Sheri Berenbaum, PhD, of Pennsylvania State University; Alan Kamil, PhD, of the University of Nebraska; Robert Siegler, PhD, of Carnegie Mellon University; and Daniel Wegner, PhD, of Harvard University. The program will also feature an APA Distinguished Scientist Lecture by Shigehiro Oishi, PhD, of the University of Virginia, sponsored by APA's Science Directorate.

New England Psychological Association (NEPA)

Oct. 20-21, Manchester, N.H.

Although NEPA is still in the planning stages for its 2006 program, look for details on the Web in the coming months. Some of the NEPA highlights include a G. Stanley Hall Lecture by Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, of the University of Michigan, sponsored by the APA Education Directorate, and a "Science and Society Series" sponsored by APA's Science Directorate.

-M. Boenau