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An open book

Three new APA books aim to help guide students through graduate school and early-career hurdles, from dissertations to certification:

  • The second edition of "Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish," by Sharon L. Foster, PhD, and Steven D. Cone, PhD, is a revised and updated version of this 15-year-old guide to completing a dissertation. It includes a chapter on each part of the dissertation, from the literature eview to the discussion section, as well as general advice on topics like time management. The second edition also incorporates information about getting the most out of the Internet and new computer software. This book will be published in April.

  • "Your Practicum in Psychology: A Guide for Maximizing Knowledge and Competence," edited by Janet R. Matthews, PhD, and C. Eugene Walker, PhD, offers practical advice on topics such as developing rapport with patients, uses of psychotropic medications and navigating ethical challenges. The chapter authors illustrate their points with vignettes and case examples. This book is available now at APA Books.

  • "Everything Students Need to Know about Licensure and Certification," edited by Thomas J. Vaughn, PhD, offers information for psychology graduate students about the requirements for licensure, including advice about exams, predoctoral internships and postdoctoral supervised training. The book also covers the history of licensure, as well as the future of the field, in chapters on mobility issues and prescription privileges. This book will be published in June.

-L. Winerman